1. D

    Mechanical Keyboard Suggestion

    Hey guys, I spilled liquid on my tvs keyboard and it went kaput. I have sent the keyboard for RMA but I felt that I missed to upgrade my keyboard during my rig upgrade. I'm now looking for a premium mechanical keyboard with MX Cherry Brown keys. I'm leaning towards Corsair K70 LUX RGB. Does...
  2. anarchy0x

    Buying a Slim mechanical Keyboard

    I'm thinking of buying Buy Hp Classic Desktop (wireless Keyboard + mouse) Online at Low Prices in India | HP Reviews & Rating Any slimmer mechanical keyboards than this under 2K?
  3. S

    Help me decide on a gaming keyboard

    Hey guys I've never had a gaming keyboard and I've been using a Dell KB212. So I've narrowed down to the following choices: Buy Logitech G310 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Online at Low Prices in India | Logitech Reviews & Rating Buy Asus Cerberus 30500 Gaming Keyboard...
  4. S

    Need a good Mechanical Keyboard for my gaming rig. Budget ~7-10K rs

    Hi! I need to buy a good Mechanical Keyboard. I will buy it online. Links will be appreciated. I can spend max. 10000 Rs. Thanks. - - - Updated - - - Guys, any recommendation?
  5. J

    Mech keyboard on gaming lappys

    Just curious.. Does anyone know of a gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard?
  6. masterkd

    Keyboard within Rs. 1000-1500

    Mechanical keyboard suggestion as cheap as possible My Razer Cyclosa have lot of keys jammed. Please advice a good keyboard (definitely other than Razer) within Rs. 1000-1500. Also what's the cheapest but good mechanical keyboard? Does it worth to spend on mechanical keyboard rather than a...
  7. A

    Best B.Tech trade to enroll in terms of package.

    When I am talking about B.Tech there are lot of courses which cross my mind like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Electronics, Computer Science, I.T., Marine, Mining and many more. Getting into the package criteria for branches, on one hand where Computer Science and...
  8. GammaLazer

    New Keyboard: Red switch or Blue?

    Hey everyone I am pretty new to mechanical side of keyboards. I am right now using Logitech G105 and want to switch over to the mechanical keyboards. But the problem is the even after reading best of guides online I am unable to decide to which kind of switch should I use? I am mainly a...
  9. D

    Want to learn python

    Ther are several tutorials on net but as i am from mechanical branch it is completely new for me especially the terms.
  10. B

    Mechanical keyboard suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a mechanical keyboard in the next week or so. I have used the TVS keyboard in the past (who hasn't, lol). Are the expensive ones really worth the premium over our old desi favorite? Am gonna primarily use it for coding and don't need any fancy macro keys and whatnot...
  11. mikael_schiffer

    Why cant someone make a low priced mechanical GAMING keyboards??

    TVSE makes mechanical keyboards that last decades, and performs up to notch all through out. And it cost Rs1900 Then there are those "gaming" keyboards with unnecessary gimmicks like 1GHZ POLLING and other bullcraps that cost at least Rs8000 There are cheap "gaming" keyboards at Rs 3000...
  12. D

    Want to learn matlab

    I have read recently completed b.e mech and now doing a job. In the free time i want to learn matlab or any other programming language useful in mechanical field. Suggest me some good sites or preferably a book.
  13. S

    Career options in canada

    hi all, I'm have completer my M.Tech in mechanical engineering , started job searching but to my luck only lecturer jobs are available. To work in industries I'm overqualified also I don't have any work experience. I have heard there is demand for mechanical engineers in Canada. Can I get a...
  14. ithehappy

    Mechanical gaming & typing keyboard suggestion?

    Hey guys in the market for a new mechanical keyboard, looking to replace my G15. My budget is around ₹ 8000. Gaming is first priority, however the typing experience should be brilliant. So far I have short-listed two, Logitech G710 CM Storm QuickFire TK. CM is my choice but lack of palm...
  15. A

    TVS-e Bharat

    Hi fellow TDF member, i was looking to buy this keyboard: TVS-e Gold Bharat USB 2.0 Keyboards - TVS-e: This keyboard has no media keys / macro keys / etc.. It's just a cheap 200rs keyboard but with mechanical keys! Will it be a significant jump going from membrane keys to...
  16. V

    [For Sale] mechanical keyboard

    model : ttesport meka mechanical keyboard cherry black keys date of purchase : 2 november 2012 expected price : Rs 1000 location of seller : bangalore warranty : 2 years from the date of purchase specs : Tt eSPORTS unboxing and overview : *
  17. N

    Laptops for mechanical student

    Hi guys, Im a mechanical student and i need a gd lappy for da softwares such as autocad/solidworks/pro-e and etc. and also for gaming. pls suggest a few lappys which can run these softwares lag free and games on mid/high settings and which are available in retail stores in India...
  18. axelzdly1

    Mechanical Engineering,anyone?

    Hello edu-babus! Im currently in my 3rd year of Mechanical engineering in a not-so-famous college of Pondicherry (Central) University..I have a thirst for quality standard innovative technical academics(if you know what I mean?) and would do anything to get a hold on it..Somehow I need to...
  19. Sarath

    [Buying Advice] Gaming keyboard - Mechanical >5k

    [Buying Advice] Gaming keyboard - Mechanical <5k I have been looking to upgrade from my Arctosa for sometime now. I have been reading up a lot about Mechanical keyboards and am interested in them. Absolutely not interested in upgrading to another membrane KB. Hence would like to know some of...
  20. The Conqueror

    Need a Good Keyboard

    Please suggest me a good mechanical keyboard. I generally like to type very fast. Budget upto 2K. Are mechanical keyboards better for typing? And I don't play games so a gaming keyboard is a no-no.
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