Help me decide on a gaming keyboard


Hey guys I've never had a gaming keyboard and I've been using a Dell KB212. So I've narrowed down to the following choices: Buy Logitech G310 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Online at Low Prices in India | Logitech Reviews & Rating Buy Asus Cerberus 30500 Gaming Keyboard (Black/Red) Online at Low Prices in India | Asus Reviews & Rating

The first is mechanical and the second is not. I use a G400S mouse and I was ready to get Logitech when I saw the ASUS keyboard which isn't mechanical but has glowing reviews.

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Any other suggestions for a gaming keyboard are welcome. I would like it to be below 10k. The more far from 10k the better.

And I trust people on this forum than random technology sites so please chime in :D


Gamdias ARES Gaming keyboard mouse Combo

1- Economical price for this great well built combo.
2- A nice gaming keyboard that can serve your 100% official purpose too with great looks :)
3- RED accented multimedia keys completely distinguished, looks cool.
4- Cutting edge designed body.
5- Light weighted.
6- Ambidextrous mouse suitable for both right and left handed users, super cool glowing logo :)
7- No unnecessary cheap lightning effect like any other gaming combos.
8- Equally loved by adults and kids.
9- Wired, so no battery issues ( I was a fan of wireless stuff some time back, it's been year I'm back to the wired stuff. More reliable. )
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