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  1. A

    keyboard suggestion

    my friend has a budget of 5k hes looking at logitech g510 is there a better option for him here? he is looking for mechanical keys too if g510 is not mechanical then what mechanical keyboard can come in his budget. hes roaming in nehru place at the moment if you guys read this please give...
  2. Xai

    Logitech Announces New Mechanical Keyboard and MMO Mouse

    I might be late with this news, but sort of excited that Logitech is finally going to release a mechanical keyboard. Logitech is releasing the mechanical keyboard G710+. Reported features include Cherry MX Brown switches, and backlight. The G600 mouse is targeted at a MMO gamer, with 12...
  3. W

    [Want to Buy] Cheap Mechanical Keyboard

    Looking for a cheap black mechanical keyboard preferably a TVS Gold or HP FF861AA or Ritcomp or just offer what you've got.Either USB or with a PS/2 to USB convertor.Switch type doesn't matter.Can either offer cash or trade MEElectronics M11P+/JVC Marshmallow IEMs +/- cash or Sennheiser HD...
  4. The Sorcerer

    Seagate Momentus XT 500GB Review

    Right now the storage story is either SSD or HDD. There are those who moved towards SSD for performance gain. But there’s still a significant population (and its growing even more) that buys mechanical hard drives for the storage space and value with reliability. In both cases, as far as...
  5. patkim

    Buying a Sound Card - Need Help

    I have Krypton mobo (Biostar M7NCG) which is now more than 3 years old! Stereo Out jack from On Board Audio has now given up. Appears to be a mechanical problem. I now plan to install a PCI based Sound card. Can anyone suggest a suitable sound card whose output is comparable to the On Board...
  6. koolbluez

    Top 5 Future Technologies

    I ♥ TechEBlog They simply give in nice pieces of technological info nice & easy. Check for example the Top 5 Future Technologies blog. A HAL-5 Robot Suit which amplifies ur strength 10-fold, a Partial Invisibility Cloak which reroutes certain wavelengths of light, forcing them around...
  7. A

    Mechanical Encyclopedia

    Is there any encylopedia like(Wikipedia) specially for Mechanical Engg.
  8. leanpaws

    Book on Pressure Vessels

    could someone kindly tell me where i can download books on mechanical engineering ? need one on 'Design of Pressure Vessels' thanks, leanpaws
  9. S

    Repairing of hard disk for mechanical fault is possible ?

    My seagate hard disk of 80 GB is out of order due to mechanical problem ? Warranty period is over. Where can it be repairable ? Anybody will suggest me? :cry: :cry: :cry:
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