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Laptops for mechanical student


Right off the assembly line
Hi guys,

Im a mechanical student and i need a gd lappy for da softwares such as autocad/solidworks/pro-e and etc.
and also for gaming.

pls suggest a few lappys which can run these softwares lag free and games on mid/high settings and which are available in retail stores in India.

i searched for a few and found out abt these - lenovo w530, dell precision and also from hp. but these r not available in India. atleast not in Hyderabad.
da ones which r there are lenovo y500, dell inspiron 17r turbo and a few others. but these have a similar gpu ie, GT 650m or a HD 7730m. now da thing is i dont know if these are enough to run the softwares and games at high settings.

so pls suggest a few. my budget is below 1 lac. ty !
In 1 lakh, you can get a better GPU, if bought from US. But in India, we have very limited options available. No gaming laptops in 70k+.

If u have only option of buying from India, then wait for a month, atleast, for companies to refresh their laptop lineup with newer CPU & GPU

Moreover any laptop with i7 & GT650M will run these softwares & games lag free. Games will run at med-high settings, not max(for new games)


Right off the assembly line
Thanks for the reply.

There are a few gaming lappys above 70k. like alien wear m17/18x or asus g75 ( 117500 /-) but the thing for these high cost lappys are that they all have same cpu ie i7 3632. only difference is with da gpu, asus having a 3gb gtx 670m.

Grom what i heard, da softwares like solidworks autocad, doesnt require a high end gpu but mainly lives on ram. so here's my question, should i take a y500 or something similar to this or take a high end gaming lappy.

Another thing i need to ask is dat, in lenovo y500, there are 2 models, 1 with gt650m and other with gt 750m. now over the net i found out that da 1 with gt 650m comes with sli, so now my question...... can i add another gpu other than gt 650m, like a series higher than gt650m or does it have to be da same gpu ??
and also does da model with gt 750m also comes with sli ??

ty !
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