1. P


    I'm trying out Firefox3. This is just about my first experience with FF, aside from a very brief time with FF2, and otherwise having seen it on other people's machines. I'd like help with two or three things that I'd like FF3 to do. In Maxthon 2, when you click on a link in favorites, it opens...
  2. sms_solver

    2 questions related to firefox

    I have 2 questions related to firefox browser. I use Maxthon, Firefox and Opera as my browsers. I don't use only one browser because features that I use in one browser in not available (or not easy to use) in another one. Q1) I am not able to save web-pages in firefox with title. By...
  3. Vishal Gupta

    Leopard Safari: Skin for Maxthon 2.0 Browser to Make it look-a-like Safari

    Hi all I'm glad to announce my second skin "Leopard Safari" for Maxthon 2.x browser. I have tried to make Maxthon look-a-like Safari browser which has been recently released by Apple. :) Just download the zip file, extract its contents and then double-click on "Leopard Safari.m2s" file and...
  4. Vishal Gupta

    MAXTHON SKIN: Make Your Maxthon Look-a-Like IE7 With VistaVG Skin

    Hi guys I'm glad to announce my new skin "VistaVG" for Maxthon 2.x browser. I have tried to make Maxthon look-a-like IE7. All toolbar buttons, titlebar color, titlebar buttons, progressbar, etc are Vista like. :) Just open the Download link, download the ZIP file, extract its contents and then...
  5. Island Dog

    WinCustomize/Maxthon Skinning Competition!

    WinCustomize, in partnership with Maxthon International Limited is pleased to announce the Maxthon 2 Skin Competition! Starting this week, skinners from all over the globe will be able to design, build and submit their own custom Maxthon 2.0 browser skins to to compete for...
  6. anandk

    New Maxthon released.

    New Maxthon released. This is not RC/Beta versions. look good and is feature rich !
  7. anandk

    Google invests in Maxthon !

    BREAKING NEWS : Multiple sources are confirming that the Chinese/Israeli startup behind the Maxthon Browser has sold a minority stake to Google. The total investment size is rumored to be around $1 million...this investment is part of a “much larger strategic deal” between the two companies...
  8. anandk

    Maxthon Going Global in 2007

    Maxthon (formerly known as MyIE) is a browser that reportedly has 30% of the browser market in its home country of China, second only to IE and ahead of Firefox. It is a powerful tabbed, fully customizable and 100% free Internet browser built on top of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE)...
  9. tarey_g

    I want to try firefox but....

    Hi all , For the second time all this 'go Firefox' advertising has lured me to give it a try, last time when i tried Firefox the experience was horrible , most websites were rendering incorrectly. But now i know by the feedback of other ppl that the browser has become very promising and rock...
  10. anandk

    Maxthon Standard is out.

    Maxthon Standard Public Preview has been released. download & further details new features looks good. maxthon users should upgrade. ie users should try it. i know what...
  11. anandk

    MAXTHON reaches pay-day...strikes gold !

    Maxthon, the group that has single-handedly kept Internet Explorer's flame burning while Microsoft squandered years trying to snuff it, is finally reaching its pay day. Charles River Ventures (CRV) has chucked US$5 million into the venture capital pot... Maxthon is a vision of what...
  12. LegendKiller

    Google in Maxthon

    Why is maxthon not showing google-bar ??
  13. R

    firefox vs maxthon

    hey guyz plz tell me the diferences between firefox browser and maxthon in terms of:- 1) security from viruses and spywares 2) browsing speed 3) system resourses they consume while running
  14. A

    IE 6 Hacked, opera also hacked, plz help!!!!

    Dear friends, I am totally irritated with some kind of browers redirector, Everytime i am working in my pc Ie opens automatically and is redirected to one of the following Url's:
  15. rajat22

    Maxthon 1.5.0 Build 90 Standard/ Combo

    Maxthon 1.5.0 Build 90 Standard/ Combo features like: -Tabbed Browsing Interface -Mouse Gestures -Super Drag&Drop -Privacy Protection -AD Hunter -Google Bar Support -External Utility Bar -Skinning - Plugins - Compatibility & Low on Resources - More...(There are even more...
  16. Charley

    Maxthon prob after closing/exiting

    I get a dialog box after closing MAXTHON. This program has performed an illegal fucntion and will be shut down. When I click on the close button it shows the same box again and again.These r the details in it. MAXTHON caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0167:bffc05b4...
  17. anandk

    does maxthon have spyware - II

    i use maxthon. earlier in march, i had posted a thread stating that spysweeper detects maxthon as having effectivebrands toolbar. subsequently updating both of them did not show maxthon sa having spyware. now PEST...
  18. aadipa

    Maxthon 1.3.1 released

    Change log v1.3.1 [2005-05-31] + New RSS notify popup. + New appreciation service - favorite service. * Do not change focus away from address bar when inputing addresses. + 'Open offline' to start dialog. + Advanced option: Do not auto-refresh current tab. + Do not need confirmation...
  19. it_waaznt_me

    Post your Maxthon Plugins here ..!

    Post your Maxthon Plugins here .. ! Although Maxthon is a complete browser in itself, there are some plugins that I find quite useful .. Here is the list of my favorites .. Add your own too ..:) 1) BBCode Plugin : Add BBCode buttons to simple QuickReply buttons .. Great for posting on...
  20. anandk

    Avant vs. Maxthon.

    Avant or Maxthon browser. Both IE based. Both feature rich. Which one is better? Whats your experience and opinion ? Why ? :?:
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