Post your Maxthon Plugins here ..!

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Coming back to life ..
Post your Maxthon Plugins here .. !

Although Maxthon is a complete browser in itself, there are some plugins that I find quite useful .. Here is the list of my favorites .. Add your own too ..:)

1) BBCode Plugin :
Add BBCode buttons to simple QuickReply buttons .. Great for posting on forums .. Has Imageshack Upload and Smilies shortcut too .. ! See the screenshot :

2) Disable Page Annoyances:
A plugin that get rid of all the tricks that advertisors use to put ads on the pages .. It can remove all pop under, flash ads, floating objects ..emdedded sound and whatnots .. It can be customized very easily .. Its the only plugin that I have found which removes those flash ads on EconomicTimes .. (Most of the flash ads can be removed with FlashSave plugin) ..

3) FlashSave :
Great plugin to capture Flash files embedded on a webpage .. Has a simple interface and it can also be used to block Flash ads (see its settings) ..

4) EnableRightClick:
Heh .. I never figured out why people disable right clicks on their web pages .. Anyways .. This plugin takes care of most of the tricks they use to disable right clicks ..

5) ViewSourceCode:
Nice little plugin that will open the source code of the current active tab on a click of button .. Useful for lazy ppl like me who dont like to Right Click > View Source .. ;) ..

All of these plugins are available at Tara's Plugin site .. Some of these plugins can be customized by the Maxthon Options ( Options > Maxthon Options > Plugin > Maxthon Plugin ) ..

Apart from these plugins, CopyToClipboard plugin is also a handy tool but I dont quite use it .. But many find it useful .. :) ..

Add your favorites too ..!
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