IE 6 Hacked, opera also hacked, plz help!!!!

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Dear friends,
I am totally irritated with some kind of browers redirector, Everytime i am working in my pc Ie opens automatically and is redirected to one of the following Url's:{5D1C068F-3162-85D3-45E8-150A6B4956A2}&type=normal&mSkip=1&rnd=6171
I am also using OPera which has the same prblm.
Maxthon is the browser which is unaffected, but while working with Maxthon, IE opens and is redirected to foresaid URL's
I am using Updated Trend micro antivirus and Microsoft antispware beta 1 is also completly upto date.
Plz help me get rid of this prblm
tnx in advance.


Right off the assembly line
use Mozilla , your system is affected with an trojan and an spyware,

run antispyware.


Nope.....Look2Me is one of the toughest "baddie" to remove. It creates a lot of DLL files and one TMP file in System32 folder and it also it registers one DLL under "Winlogon Notify" key. By this, it loads whenever an user logs on to system.

Previously NONE of the Anti-spyware and/or AntiVirus were able to remvoe it. A removal tool called L2MFix was developed by shaddowar and this was the only tool to remove Look2Me.

Now, there's a new version of Look2Me, which even L2MFix can not remvoe. But as Security Experts at various sites found out, , the latest version (v4.5) of WebRoot SpySweeper is capable of removing it. (L2MFix is being updated currently to make it to remove the new version)
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