1. Curious Guest

    Maxthon Tabbed Browser

    I am getting addicted to this free one. Maxthon Internet Browser software is a powerful tabbed browser with a highly customizable interface. It is based on the Internet Explorer browser engine (your most likely current web browser) which means that what works in the IE browser...
  2. anandk

    try maxthon browser, its great ! but does it have spyware !?

    check out maxthon, an ie6 based browser. its great ! i tried fire fox and avant too. but this ones better. apart from tabbed browsing, it got lotsa other features like skins, re-opening closed pages, fast loading, accessing other programs from it, ofcourse sevral search bars, RSS feed...
  3. xenkatesh

    firefox and maxthon help.......??????

    how to save the pages which is in tabs PS: all the tabs at the same time... :) within some clicks may be there might be some option in firefox or maxthon.. plzzz tell me all the pages ust be saved in html format. not archive format(i.e, in firefox..) thanx in advance...
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