1. ravi_9793

    India won the match

    Gr8 match.............. finally India won the match 6th 2 wicket. I think sachin sud be Man Of the math........but final run by uthpa is deeply appreciated...and will be rembered for ever.We rarely see such win.
  2. gau_pppu

    30 mb for 1 match..! help me plz

    hi every body...! plz tell me how much data is transfered when you play a single match of fifa 07 in multiplayer mode through hamachi,, for me, i can say that it took not more than 10 mb, for a single match, if it takes you upto penalty shootout , but suddenly i noticed than for last few days...
  3. koolbluez

    Hyanide & Baal - The Real A.T."BIKE"s

    In reply to the Michelin Challenge Design 2006, some guys have come up with 2 really unique bike models worth giving a try. BAAL & Hyanide by Tilmann Schlootz & Oliver Keller of Germany rock. The bikes are based on a bendable rubber track that guarantees maximum...
  4. Tech Geek

    The Wrestlemania 23 thread-

    whom do you think will win in the match Batista Vs Undertaker?
  5. M

    Best performance from RAM

    I have a Intel P4 2.8 Ghz with 2x512 PC3200 RAM.My mobo is intel 915gav. Now i bought the second ram today only.Should i use this ram in dual mode or single mode?Also timings of my previous ram do not match with that of new ram.what should i do? given below r the timings shown by cpu-z.please...
  6. E

    Upgrading to a new pc , but my old one :(

    I am planning to upgrade my pc , at present i have a d845gvsr mobo which is no more fit for upcoming vista , i would like to know a couple of things Can i add 2 gb of ram to this board ? if so what must be the frequency ?. this mobo had a problem and was still on wara\ranty but i was not...
  7. K

    please help me

    hai friends, can any exactly tell me how to record music from worldspace radio to my computer .i have one problem to be solved. 1) i dont have full version of music match juke box 10 and it dont have an option to i am using advanced sound recorder v6.6. when i record...
  8. ashfame

    little fighter2

    any lf2 fan out there! wanna hav a online match.
  9. M

    Great Records!!!!

    In this topic all of u can post the records u have made in games. For eg i played brazil vs argentina in fifa2005 and won by 10-1 in a 2 min match that was jus a example U can post records of any game u want Also try to post a screenshot Enjoy and start posting!!!!!! :P
  10. A

    Which Cellphone to buy ?

    i need a phone which gives me camera and movie playing facility (tht would obviously include mp3 playing as well) and bluetooth. please suggest me a phone of any brand and if i stick to nokia then which is the least priced brand. PRICE IS A MAJOR CONCERN... tell me any site where i can mix and...
  11. moshel

    Same Old Problem Again

    Hi Guys, i got the same problem in hotmail which i had earlier. i cant login to my account. see i enter username and password, then it takes me to match the picture, then it again asks for username and password then it again takes me to match the picture...............this goes on. i...
  12. Darthvader

    Half Life 2 Vs. Far Cry

    Well Weve had lots of discussions on Hl2 vs doom3. But how about this. Well i think that one plus point for far cry was its superb ai and its extreme draw distance and the superb outdoor environs. The HL2 AI is no match for it. Well...........
  13. V

    Morphing tutorial Photoshop (Fake faces Easy steps)

    Look at the images below...its sania mirza and Meera jasmine (personal fav's) Sania modified hair color still modified So here is how to make it Tools that comes handy... smudge tool. blur tool,color balance (ctrl+b), levels (ctrl+l),and ..... 1.Copy, paste...
  14. S

    Serious Trouble Help Me!!!

    I am is from Calcutta and have purchased my following config a week ago Amd 64 3200 Socket 939 + MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum + 512Mb DDR Kingston Ram + 200 GB SATA HDD + 17 " Samsung Flat Monitor + Liteon Dvd Drive + Logitech KB and Mouse Etc. About the Agp Card I wanted ATI radeon 9800 pro...
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