1. wwwescape

    Manufacturer refurbished phones

    Are manufacturer refurbished phones safe to buy? Anyone have any experiences with a manufacturer refurbished phone?
  2. soyab0007

    [For Sale] Brand New - Seal Packed Items with Warranty - Have a look

    Brand New ---Headphones | HDD | USB Drives 64GB/128GB | Speakers | Rams | Processor | Below are the Brand new products which have been purchased from Flipkart, Amazon & Paytm, you can say excessive purchases. Not needed anymore. SteelSeries 5H v3 Wired Headset(Black) - Rs 4600 Sandisk...
  3. G

    M-Audio Studiophile AV 40

    want to buy M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 through my friend from USA. amazon: new model- 120$ ebay: Manufacturer refurbished - 90$ (also stating 'PERFECT CONDITION! Full Manufacturer Warranty!') Can I opt for ebay option to save 30$. Anybody has experience with this model?
  4. N

    Seller vs Manufacturer Warranty

    Should I purchase a laptop with seller or manufacturer warranty? In ebay, Dell laptop has 16 GB of RAM but it has seller warranty. But company warranty has 8GB RAM and is priced higher. Is there any use with 16 GB RAM for Visual Studio, minor video editing, video creation etc
  5. m-jeri

    [For Sale] Clearance Sale Mobile/Kindle/DVDHandyCam/Controller/USB Modem/IEM/Cabinet etc

    Hi Product Name: Lenovo A820 Expected Price: Bought for Around 9300 after paypal coversion. Org pirce is 8917 in INR at time of purchase. So expecting 7000 INR. No offers will be entertained. Shipping charges: 50-50 Manufacturer page URL: Lenovo A820 in google please...
  6. sumit_anand

    LG announces two more OLED TV's

    After releasing the oled tv in korea, Lg has annoounce the launch of Two more oled tv's in 40" and 70" size and thus becoming the largets oled tv manufacturer. Check out this link on more info on this LG Announces Two More OLED TVs (40'' and 70'')
  7. avichandana20000

    Lighting arrestor

    Need to install a lighting arrestor in my house. Can any one share regarding its availability, price, any particular manufacturer etc on it . i live in kolkata.
  8. B

    How to claim the warranty for the products that are purchased online?

    I am planning to buy saphirre HD6750 graphic card online. I have never done any online shopping before, After buying from online shops if i am facing any issues with the product in future, whom & how should i approach the manufacturer to get a replacement or get fixed. I like to the know the...
  9. aroraanant

    How is Samung Plasma PS43D450 TV?

    One of friend was asking me about Samung Plasma PS43D450 TV. I have some knowledge about LEDs and LCDs but don't have any idea about Plasma TVs. He is getting the above mentioned model for 35k with manufacturer warranty. But it is just HD and not Full HD :( And he is also getting SAMSUNG 40"...
  10. D

    please tell me which one to buy?

    hey guys i am buying a ati raedon 7970 but i am so confused with the manufacturers every manufacturer i find has something different in same card so can you guys suggest me which manufacturer card should i find so far i find these available in...
  11. Jaskanwar Singh

    GPU Survey 2010-2011

    guys take time to fill this please :arrow: Top Manufacturer Customer Service Support - Most Trusted Manufacturer - Best Custom Cooler - Most popular GPU of 2010-2011 - Best Price/Performance Entry Level GPU (Sub 5000INR) - Best Price/Performance Entry-Mid GPU (5000-10000INR) - Best...
  12. topgear

    An Electric Scooter That Hits 113 KPH

    Worry less about the environment, and more about personal safety From vehicle-maker ZEV comes the ZEV7000, an unassuming electric two-seater that nevertheless packs some power under the hood. 28 batteries storing up to 3.84 kilowatts allows the scooter to reach a top speed of 113 kph (or 70...
  13. User Name

    Need tablet pc prices...

    i want to know what is the price range of tablet pcs of all manufacturer. whare can i get? is it a better option to laptop?
  14. r2d2

    Nokia N95 8GB for Rs 26999 from

    I have a gift certificate (got under the 100% money back offer) so if anybody is interested in buying the Nokia N95 8GB (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty) direct from for Rs. 26299 (Indiaplaza price Rs. 28799) PM me. The voucher can also be redeemed for any other...
  15. Revolution

    The Best Graphics Card Manufacturer (NVIDIA)

    The Best Graphics Card Manufacturer (NVIDIA)
  16. george101

    Best Sub 7k Graphics card!!!!!

    guys am planning to buy a new graphics card for under 7k... i am confused which one to buy.... i have planned to buy xfx 8600gt but after reading the comments posted here about overheating i donno which one to buy... could u plz recommend a good graphics card from a good manufacturer...
  17. Manshahia

    Want to purchase a good laptop.. Budget 45K

    Hi guys, my frnd wants to buy a laptop and he wants to go for LG RD400-5D4A2 * Is this laptop worth purchasing... Sudnt he go for some other manufacturer like Dell... Plz guide me...
  18. joey_182


    I m using HUAWEI WA1003A wireless ADSL router... i want to upgrade firmware of my router... so guys can u provide me link for this..(latest firmware )?? Support Information: Device Type: Network Adapter Manufacturer: Huawei Technologies Co., Model: quidway wa1003a Interface: USB...
  19. B

    Exact Dimensions=?

    What r the exact dimenisions in mm of an internal SATA HDD & internal optical drive? Are there any universal standards or it changes from one manufacturer to other ?
  20. S

    Which gfx card is better?

    I want to go for a Graphics card for my Laptop. Which would you suggest? The two options given by my manufacturer are ati x1400 mobility hypermemory geforce 7650 turbocache Between these two, which should i consider?
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