Problem with adding gfx card on elite 430


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I just got a Sapphire HD 6850 but am unable to add it to my PC due to the places where the output ports are located being covered by the cabinet. I tried doing what the manual told me for adding add on cards but the slots cannot be freed. Please guide me how to do the same.

Tried breaking it. It works but it seems it will take other slots with it. Should I continue?
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Sapphire HD 6850 is dual - slot GPU that means it takes up two slots !!
so the o/p ports at back wud require two slots
abt ur cabinet, there might be some mechanism to easily open the vents jst check it online somewhere !!!
anyways if u happen to break it and fit the GPU properly then no problem go ahead !!


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I know it's a dual slot gpu but I wanted to ask if breaking the coverings was the only way to allow the gfx card to be placed
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