1. chimera201

    Is my external HDD dead?

    HDD: WD My Passport Essential SE 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk - WD : Bought in July,2012 Disk Management: Choosing ok results in "I/O error" WD Diagnostics: Write Zeros fails with "delete partitions error"
  2. rhyansy

    Hiring! MSI India Notebook Marketing Manager

    Special Announcement! We're hiring!!! If you have what it takes, send us your CV to MSI India Notebook! ( MSI India Notebook Marketing Manager Job Description: 1. Local Indian marketing activities plan, support, execution, results tracking and...
  3. S

    The Football Manager thread

    Anyone plays the game Football Manager? Developed by Sports Interactive this is the best ever management simulation game hands down. Playing Football Manager 2014 by the way.
  4. M

    Any suggestions for a QMS solution?

    Is there any freeware tools available for internal quality management? I am looking for a QMS solution for our business. I prefer cloud based applications rather than standalone applications. One of my friend suggested a standalone software called Unipoint. It has powerful features but there is...
  5. kg11sgbg

    SIM not readable in Android tablet; option greyed out

    One of my Android Tablet's is running very well,except for the network connection through sim(3G). I had deactivated/closed :duh2: the sim management function by sliding in the button,and took out the sim. Now whenever with any 3G sim be it Vodafone or Aircel or Idea,I am trying to reconnect,the...
  6. K

    Hard Drive cannot be seen in disk management

    I cannot see my hdd in the disk management and my computer but its visible in The BIOS. How to list the hdd so that I can see in my computer?
  7. bestpain

    summer course guide

    i have just given my 4th sem exam and having 2 months semester break , i am planning to do two courses ...plz advice which courses should i do.... available courses are ,.NET,PHP,SQL,VB,ORACAL,JAVA,web designing till now i have studied c,c++,database management in college which course...
  8. jatt

    Please suggest a best accounting software for computer repairing business

    Hi frnds, I just started my computer/laptop fix business and i am wondering for a accounting software which can fulfill my requirements like job sheet creation,inventory management,customers management,banking etc etc.. Much appreciate if any best software you can suggest please.Thanks
  9. bssunilreddy

    mATX Cable Management Tutorial ???

    Hi, Can anyone make a tutorial on any mATX case featuring cable management Tricks & Tips. Eg: Deepcool SMARTER LED mATX case...
  10. bssunilreddy

    Micro ATX Cabinet under 4k with good cable management features

    Hai, I want to buy any Micro ATX Cabinet under 4k with good cable management features.Please reply asap.
  11. dashang

    path for career progression in IT / software field

    Hello, i am software developer in with 1.2 yrs of experience. I want to progress more and on later years i want to be on management side in 7-10 yrs (project manager, operations manager,CIO). what should i do ?
  12. S

    I'm looking for asset management services...

    I'm looking for asset management services. I've heard DBS bank provides that. Can anyone tell me more on that?
  13. S

    financial management?

    Hi All, I have a small manufacturing business. I was thinking of taking a loan and expanding my business... Any idea how to go about it?
  14. R

    Windows 7 User Accounts Management Software

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a neat User accounts management software for Win7. Say .. I want to limit another accounts on the basis of a lot of features.. or maybe give exceptional added functionality. Windows default software kinda sucks :/ Any alternatives available? (you can assume...
  15. ssb1551

    MBA Colleges which offer Health Care Management

    One of my cousins wants to get a management degree in Healthcare Management. Does anybody know of colleges other than GIM(Goa Institute of Management), IIHMR Jaipur which offer such courses? Thanks in advance.
  16. A

    Staff data management software

    Friends, can anybody help me to suggest an employee management software.
  17. justme101

    Need suggestion!!! ASAP!!

    Hiii guys.. so i have been thinking of replacing my old cabinet because the cable management is NIL after i purchased a CX430 V2 power supply. I was surfing around and i found this... Antec Cabinet X1 It's on looks good, no..great :D .... Holds graphics cards upto 11 inches!! So...
  18. veera_champ

    A Good Cabby Under 10k

    hi as title says I am Planing to buy a good cabby for my rig I already have a I Ball Cabby which doesn't have a good cable management so decided to upgrade the cabby my requirements as follows * A Good Looking * Should be PSU in bottom * Good cable management * Should have at least 5 "...
  19. A

    MBA (Insurance Management) in Pondicherry Uni !!!!

    Guys, MBA in Insurance Management from Pondicherry University. Does it offer any scope ?
  20. V

    HTC One X+ ???

    Just got a couple que about it? 1. how's the battery life? mostly interested in standby times with custom roms? is there good xda support for it? 2. Does 1 gb ram really cause memory management problems? Plz help especially if you have had some first hand experience..thanks:-)
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