1. R

    Is smartphone making people dumb

    Hii everyone, I would like to know, Is smartphone making people dumb ??
  2. TechnoBOY

    [YOUTUBERS] Post your youtube videos/channel here!

    I found that many Digitians have their YouTube channel and taught of making a thread to discuss their PROs and CONs also channel Critique.
  3. clmlbx

    New western Digital BLack Noisy

    After long time posting something here. couple of days back I bought WD Black 1TB HDD. Yesterday installed it and it started making weird noise, I have searched internet and most says it is normal for Black. should I leave it or go for replacement. Have not yet made partitions, It is still...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Assassins Creed:Golden Age

    Assassins Creed:Golden Age in the making *
  5. xtremevicky

    Upgrading RAM on Dell XPS L502x

    I have a Dell XPS 15 L502x. I have a slot free and have a 4GB 133mhz installed. I am thinking of making at 8GB. How about this? Error 500 Server Error
  6. B

    Is there a way I can find out as to which PC is making the most downloads on my network?

    I am using the 4G LTE Router -Huawei E5186. I have a small network of 5 computers only. However one of these computers is using my internet data very heavily. I have tried to look for obvious programs like utorrent but I cant find any. I have also checked the antivirus software and it is all...
  7. R

    Xbox One for 399$ without Kinect to be launched by Microsoft

    Microsoft will be selling their Xbox One console without the Kinect, and will charge $399 for this camera-less version. Previously, Microsoft was adamant about making Kinect a part of the Xbox experience. But they’ve since changed their course, according to Phil Spencer, head of Xbox: “We’ve...
  8. theserpent

    How can I earn some money in these holidays?

    Well my holidays start around April 22nd or so.I'm in my 1st year presently. So what I thought is maybe open up some poster,Visting card making thing for the holidays like I can earn through that. So how much should be charged,How to go about it??
  9. D

    urgent lost

    is there anyway to recover galaxy s4. chances seem to be nil but in case someone finds it is it possible to track? can it be made untrackable by making some firmware change. it is currently showing switched off although my gps is turned on and it is locked with pin.
  10. anmolksharma

    Android app making - need ideas!

    I Need to take part in an android app making competition. Any innovative app ideas which are still not on playstore?
  11. G

    Need help for cabinet fan!

    Recently i came across HWMonitor and found that my cpu temp is going 113c, HDD 40c. I have P4 2.4ghz and there is no fan in my cabinet except the one mounted over heat sink. So i need suggestions on cabinet fans keeping in mind i will be making upgrade by the end of Q1 2014 (then if needed i...
  12. A

    WIFI help.........

    Hello friends, I am using BSNL internet with only adsl modem, and now I want to share my net through wifi with my mobile to download & update apps and today in market there are many options for those and its making me confuse can anyone tell me what should i buy WiFi card/ adsl+modem/ WiFi...
  13. Limitless

    UPS making noise

    When I play Far Cry 3 my UPS starts making beep noise :( Can anyone tell me what is happening :( My ups model no. APC Back-UPS 600
  14. ©mß

    New laptop for making projects.

    My cousin wants to buy a new laptop basically for making her college projects which include typing for many hours,finding images,etc. Her budget is up to Rs.35000. I think that 2GB RAM with i3 processor is well enough for her. Please give some suggestions on which laptop to buy. It should...
  15. B

    Gaming Rig Query

    While assembling a gaming rig (high-end), is it really recommended to install a fan speed control card as well? I heard that without it, all the fans will be running at full RPMs thus consuming high power and making a lot of noise also at the same time...... Any opinions will be helpful an...
  16. A

    Which software is easy to draw and free for making home plans?

    Which software is easy to draw and free for making home plans?
  17. K

    Which player will do?

    Hi Guys, I have got three DVDs of videos. I understand that the quality of them are not good enough. When I play them using media player, the videos and audios do not work properly making sounds like Kirk Kirk.... like that. Are there any FREE video players to try the DVDs?
  18. A

    GPU fan making weird noises.

    Since today, my GPU fan has started making weird noises. It just stops in between sometimes and i have to rotate it by hand to make it start spinning normally again with that sound. Here's a video to show it.. help me guys :( .. *
  19. R

    Understanding Economics the most easiest way

    Hey guys! This friend of mine is in trouble as of late - with Economics. Can you guys recommend the most easiest book with which he can learn economics - specially in Indian context? I'm sure there are many out there who have trouble understanding basic economics regardless of the age. I...
  20. Zangetsu

    How to: Make your own portable apps

    Hi all, read this nice tutorial on making portable apps. How to: Make your own portable apps - Enjoy 8-)
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