How can I earn some money in these holidays?


Firecracker to the moon
Well my holidays start around April 22nd or so.I'm in my 1st year presently.
So what I thought is maybe open up some poster,Visting card making thing for the holidays like I can earn through that.
So how much should be charged,How to go about it??
Try your hand in Call Center thingie. I earned like Rs22,000 during my vacation break between my 1st and 2nd year. You dont even have to work, just attend their training, once training is done, join other company. Some students have hoarded thousands jumping from one BPO to another. They dont tell their parents still need the pocket money from home right..hehehe ....If parents know, bad news....they be like -" tere ko padne ke liye bheja tha, dahandha karne ke liye nahi".
Oh, you need to be good in spoken english..and a bit smart and confident.
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