1. G

    2008 imported computer magazines with cd/dvd

    Imported computer magazines with it's original cd/dvds ( year 2008 and 2007) from UK/USA/Australia are for sale in perfect condition ( with 75% discount ) : Postage extra. 80% discount allowed if you purchase 5 or more magazines. Some of the the magazine titles are PC Answers PC adviser...
  2. koolbluez

    Mygazines - Read Magazines for free!

    Mygazines is your free place to browse, share, archive and customize unlimited magazine articles uploaded by you, the Mygazines community. A good read... with the latest mags... check out the Entertainment Weekly July 11th Batman-Joker issue... Page 27 on. A great way to...
  3. K

    The E-Books of the Magazines!

    I was wondering whether someone can get me a source where I can Download all the Digit Magazines Upto Date. Like from 2001 to 2008. I mainly need the 2008 Issues. but the others also if possible. I am a Digit FAN. But I am now in Sri Lanka and never get the chance to read the Magazines. So...
  4. slugger

    Magazines for CAT and GATE

    do you know of any popular magazines dedicated to CAT and GATE aspirants - the same mag need not cater to both, could also be different magazines Something like Competition Success Review which is for IAS/civil service aspirants also any popular CAT site? - i know of pagalguy thanks :)
  5. D

    Computer/IT magazines in india

    HI one of my friend recently got a job in college as IT lab technician. He requested to head of department that there should be some IT/Computer magazines in library where students can update their knowledge & learn something new. HoD agreed and now they are subscriber of Digit and Chip.but he...
  6. NucleusKore

    PC Magazines (online?)

    Are there any subscription based PC magazines in India which deliver content through email or are readable online, preferably with an option to opt out of receiving a print edition? I did not renew my DIGIT subscription because I may be going abroad in the month of July and I did not want a...
  7. naveen_reloaded

    Magazines era coming to an end!

    It's the end of the year, and layoffs are sadly an expected tragedy that comes with year- end business assessments. This year in particular was pretty rough on the printed media industry. After continued declines in subscriptions, newspapers and magazines found it necessary to...
  8. din

    All magazines contain same Linux Distro !! Strange ?

    The PC magazines giving Lin distros in DVD is sure a great idea. Really appreaciate it. It helps people like me who do not have broadband. I found something strange checking the magazines last few months. Now, all these (Digit, Chip and PC World) give the same distro each month !! Like months...
  9. T for all your books needs

    hi, i want to tell u about my new site i.e. which is designed for those who are always willing to learn something new.We provide free ebooks. has a wide range of ebooks. You can get all the ebooks here related to business, finance, management, computers, web...
  10. A

    Selling Old Computer Magazines with Cds

    I am Selling Old Computer Magazines with Cds I HAVE :- PCQUEST :- 1998 *AUG* 1999 *FEB,MAR,APR,MAY,JULY* 2001 *DEC* 2002 *MAR,APR,MAY,JUNE,OCT,NOV,DEC* 2003 *JAN,FEB,MAR,APR,JUNE,SEP,DEC 2004 *MAY,JUNE C@H :- 2000 *DEC* 2001 *APR,OCT* 2002 *APR,JUL,DEC* 2003...
  11. M

    OLD Digit & Chip Magazines

    2001 Digit - June,July,Aug,Oct,Nov,Dec Chip - Feb,March,April,May PC Quest - March 2002 Digit - All 12 issues Chip Special (Tips & Tricks) 2003 Digit - All 12 issues 2004 Digit - Jan,Feb,June,Dec 2005 Digit - June Chip - April A total of 42 magazines with 50% discount...
  12. A

    CD writer problem

    A strange thing is hapenning. My writer, Samsung SW 252F cannot read any cd except the Cd's that come with magazines like Chip, Digit etc. What do I do.
  13. A

    I Want to sell Computer Magazines and Cds

    I Want to sell Computer Magazines and Cds I HAVE :- PCQUEST :- 1998 *AUG* 1999 *FEB,MAR,APR,MAY,JULY* 2001 *DEC* 2002 *MAR,APR,MAY,JUNE,OCT,NOV,DEC* 2003 *JAN,FEB,MAR,APR,JUNE,SEP,DEC 2004 *MAY,JUNE C@H...
  14. S

    Problem regrading DIGIT subscription issue

    If i renew my subscribtion for digit much before my subscribtion expires will the subscribtion period be extended or will the renewed subscribed magazines arrive with my formerly subscribed magazines? can i renew my subscription twice in the same month for eg. can i send a subscrition for 1...
  15. damnthenet

    WHY PDF?

    Hello members, Why PDF is often preffered now-a-days instead of DOC? Even Digit gives its digitalized magazines in PDF format. What might be the reasons you think?
  16. R

    Digit Patron

    Does the gift's offered in Digit Patron are really exciting :?: They are basically selling off their old magazines which may have not been sold.
  17. GameAddict

    Magazines with full content online?

    Hi, Do you know of any Magazine Sites where the Issue's content are available online? I am interested in IT/Gaming/Book Reviews Magazines. The ones I know: PC World-> Network Magazine(India)-> Book Magazine->...
  18. V

    What to do with Direct X 9.0c SDK????

    Hi All, This is Vicky here. I play games a lot and always read tech magazines like DIGIT and CHIP INTELLIGENCE. While reading any Graphic card review, I always come across Direct X and 3D Mark Software on which these games get tested. Recently I found these Softwares on these...
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