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Last Year I had bought Mad Catz cyborg V7 keyboard and RAT3 mouse from Origin Games (distributor of Mad Catz products in india). A little after a year, the keyboard developed a fault with few of the keys not working.

I raised a request with Mad Catz customer care and they mentioned that as the product has 2 years warranty, I can check with the vendor. But origin games customer service replied that All Mad Catz products carry a 1 year warranty considering there is no physical or water damage.

Mad Catz honored the warranty and sent me a replacement directly from US :) .


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Please elaborate more on how the warranty service really worked. I mean how did you send the the faulty product, how many days you have to wait for getting the replacement etc. ? It would help many in future.


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I just opened a service request on their website and their customer care (tsupport@madcatz.com) contacted me. I got the replacement in 2 weeks. I offered to send the faulty product but they didn't bother about it.
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