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  1. T

    2.1 speakers under 5k

    hi guys, i need 2.1 speakers for music, i am NOT looking for pristine audio quality or bass, just need the best possible balance between loudness and clarity. As loud as possible with as little distortion as possible. Budget is 5000, please help me with your suggestions
  2. M

    Laptop problem | No display sometimes distorted display

    Hi guys. I have a Lenovo Laptop G510 (i5 4200M, 4 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 2GB AMD Radeon 8570 graphics) yesterday, I shut my laptop down @around 4:00 am.(so, technically, today) when I tried to start my laptop today, first it showed no display, then on the second try, it showed the Lenovo logo...
  3. R

    loud headphones for 10k?

    hey guys, i recently saved up 10 k for a new pair of headphones. these, im mainly gonna use while studying so i need them to be LOUD. but they should also have some level of noise isolation. im currently thinking about audio technica ath-m50x. i currently have sennheiser hd429 but they are just...
  4. A

    audio reminder for tasks

    im using a win 8 lappy-where in the net can i download free software to have a loud audio reminder which reminds me of particular work on a particular date,i have google keep which is boring
  5. srkmish

    What are some of the things that you hate but everyone around you seems to love?

    Mine are 1) I hate discos. The music is too loud to really enjoy a song and its not like i have the luxury of toning down the volume. Also, there are too many people and its impossible to enjoy a conversation. I recently went to this loud music bar and the music was so loud that i requested...
  6. D

    need new in earphone

    guys wanna buy IEM with volume control coz d mp3 player m using z quite loud even at minimum volume.. Max i can spend 400rs... Plsss suggest sumthin ....
  7. rst

    loud sound from cabinet

    Recently whenever I start my computer, a loud murmuring sound is generated and after sometimes it disappears. What is the matter? plz help:|
  8. cacklebolt

    Nokia asha 311 review.

    Hello guys.. I am posting a review of my newly purchased standby phone, the Nokia Asha 311. Background: We had some old phones lying around at home which we wanted to dispose off.At the store , i liked the Karbonn A11 but my dad told me to avoid that. So we decided to buy this instead...
  9. A

    need a loud sub 1.5k cell phone with better battery

    Hi Would require a loud cellphone with comfortable buttons for my mom in 1.5k range can extend to 2k. We need this for home use as a replacement phone. Kindly do not suggest any china company.
  10. A

    Bluestar AC outdoor unit making loud vibrating noise, need help?

    hi, I have a bluestar 1.5 ton ac and its outdoor unit making loud vibrating noise which is making me unable to sleep properly at night. Is this common in bluestar ac ?
  11. A

    phone for mom below rs1500

    need it as 2nd phone in house for calls only. My mom is little deaf so speaker and call quality should be as loud as possible(not looking for china) with good battery.
  12. A

    nwwd help for creating loud and clear ringtone for N*

    Hi all, I need your help for creating loud and clear ringtone for N8...plz tell me settings or any software which i can use to produce tht result
  13. A

    Speakers for HT/PC

    Hellow Think Digit people!Em new here!:mrgreen: i am vexxed with decision abt speakers as the title suggests I use my PC of for gaming (30%) and high defination movies (70%).... i have asus xonar DX running with a creative T6100 but lately my t6100 is giving up! During gaming,it performs...
  14. saurabh_1e

    Mobile With Wifi

    I want to buy a mobile within the budget of 15k. what all necessary is: 1) Wifi 2)3G 3)Good Music Quality With loud Speakers. Not at all interested in camera or games .
  15. M

    effectively cooling hdd's (55 degrees!) - improve new rig airflow

    my new rig looks like this: http://i37.tinypic.com/11llder.jpg problem is that my hdd's are overheating big time....reaching 50 degrees, yest night went upto 55 before i gave up n shut it down. Have ordered a 120mm coolermaster fan to fit in the front slot to help with airflow and cooling, but...
  16. IronCruz

    mobile phones @5k

    I'm planning to buy a mobile phone. It is mainly for multimedia. It should have 2 MP of camera, very good speakers(which is loud and clear), battery backup should be good, with large screen.
  17. george101

    Best In-ear earphone for Samsung i450?

    guys am planning to get a 5800 for me and an i450 for my little brother, but i heard i450 cant handle earphones with more impedance, ie, high power consumption. can any1 recommend me the best set of in-ear earphone i can get for him so that the sound will be loud enough. i currently have ep630...
  18. K

    loud sound when playing crysis

    Hi Friends, My system is a decent new one which can handle most recent games. But recently i am getting a problem when i am playing crysis.The problem is ,the cpu is making loud noise frequently only when i am playing that game. But when i play other games or do someother work...
  19. krates

    How to increase volume of mp3 players ??

    Well i got new wireless headphones PHILIPS HC390 only problem with them is there voice is not loud enough i need someone to suggest me how to increase its volume.Is there any mp3 player which can boost volume ??
  20. T

    Loud CPU fan noise

    Hi, When I am starting my PC, I get a very loud buzzing sound from my processor fan. This goes away after 10-15 mins. Is there a problem? Can I buy a proc fan separately and replave the one that came from Intel? Thanks, TL
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