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Few day back while surfing net I came across a motherboard which has 7 PCI slot, 8 RAM slot , 14(yes 14) SATA ports (4 SATA ports of the are of 3GB/s and rest 10 SATA ports are of 6GB/s). The model is ASRock x79 extreme11 [ ASRock > X79 Extreme11 ]. If someone connect 14 3TB HDD to the 14 SATA ports of the motherboard , will he be able get 42TB (14 x 3TB) storage space? I mean will the OS will support 42TB storage space? I think if anybody wants to store lots of lots of lots of data( of course most of them will be full HD movies), this is the cheapest option, isn't it?


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hence we have RAID and NAS drives. far cheaper and, portable and _*flexible*_

Wait....Wait....Wait.... NAS drive is far cheaper . U r the first person in the world who said NAS is cheaper...

Firstly :--A 2TB SATA HDD costs Rs. 6000/-(aprox.) [WD Caviar Green 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD20EARX) | Internal Hard Drive | Flipkart.com ] , A 2TB external HDD costs Rs. 7600/- [ Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 2 TB External Hard Disk | External Hard Drive | Flipkart.com ] And A 2 TB NAS Drive costs Rs. 18ooo/-(aprox) [ IOmega StorCenter Ix2-200 Network Storage Cloud Edition 2 TB External Hard Disk | External Hard Drive | Flipkart.com ]

Secondly :-- NAS the name itself say it is NETWORK ATTACHED, and also power attached (as in case for sata hdd, sata cable and power attached) then how NAS is portable? Most person will not pay rs 18000/- just for virtual space!!!


how do you plan to power all those HDD's?
how about an enclosure with port replicators?

NAS can scale well. you do get enclosures that allow you to expand the storage. (all storage is virtual, mate, whether you like it or not, and as such, your above comment makes no sense)

now, what i'd do, is make a few DIY NAS enclosures and put in hdd's with zfs on it. cheaper than both methods.
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