phone under 15-18K!!


never forgot your roots!
Hi folks...
Posting after a long time on the forum. I need your valuable advices! :oops:
I want to buy a phone a good phone be it android, Windows, any other.
personally I liked xolo q800 and xperia L...

shoot your suggestions. i know lots of threads are there kinda same. But its good if you can advice here.

P.S. I want to root, I want to try ubuntu and anyother os if possible:wink:
I don't think with windows phone will it be possible


^^ Have you used the Phones, The Incinerator? or have checked the performance? If yes, do post a small review.
Well recognised brand- Xperia L
Un redognised brand - Xolo q800
Windows- Lumia 720

Could name other models but these 2 are the only options worth looking at.
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