1. gameranand

    VPN for buying games in other regions

    I used Hola a lot in the olden days for buying games from other regions. Now that its bad and proven multiple times, I wanna switch to something other than Hola. I was mostly out of the loop in past 6-9 months and because of that I have missed all the discussions on various sites about the next...
  2. K

    Urgent Help Required (WIndows 10 has entered into Restarting Loop)

    Dear Friends I recently tried updating the latest update of Windows 10 on my HP 2000 laptop, but now it has entered into restarting loop and i dont have any restore option nor its taking backup through troubleshoot option, now i want take the backup of my data as i have only one partition...
  3. A

    [HELP]Moto E 2nd Gen stuck in Booting loop

    Hello Folks, Returning to TDF after a long time :razz:. Need some urgent advice, My Moto E 2nd Gen is stuck in a booting loop at the Motorola Logo, I tried the hard boot and Factory reset but it goes into the loop again. The phone is 4 months old and is still in Warranty, Any suggestions...
  4. H

    Random Access Memories

    Daft Punks new album coming on may 17th. Features collaborations with Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams, Giorgio Moroder, Pharrell Williams, Todd Edwards, DJ Falcon, Chilly Gonzales, Panda Bear and Julian Casablancas. 13 tracks. 74 minutes total length. Album Art: A five minute loop of...
  5. O

    CPU cooler

    Hi My friend has i5 3570k! He has the stock cooler and now wants to. Oc it...... Which cooler he should buy???(aftermarket heatsink+fan/closed loop liquid like h100/build custom liquid cooling??) Budget upto 15k
  6. Harsh Pranami

    Help!!! Win 8 on restart loop.

    My friend purchased dell 17r se laptop a week ago that came preinstalled with win 8. It had only one partition. So I installed mini tool partition wizard software. Then I shrinked c: partition to 300 gb. After that I made a partiton of 600gb from the unallocated space. Then I clicked apply and...
  7. E

    vb.net help with threads

    I will change my question as i the previous one is solved. Can a thread be temporarily suspended from another thread..? Say i have a thread A in a loop which checks and downloads some data . now i have to start another thread b which has to connect to the net. is there a way that when thread...
  8. V

    BB messenger not working on loop mobile - Please help

    Hi I activated my BB messenger plan on loop mobile 2 days back. Money got cut from my account however i am not able to access the service. I can use my internet but cannot use BBM. All invites i sent out remains in pending status Loop mobile service center says they have activated the...
  9. C

    PC does not swith on. Never goes to BIOS. Restarts itself in 3 seconds gap in a loop.

    PC restarts in loop. Never goes to BIOS. Restarts itself in 2 seconds in a loop. Hi friends, My PC was working absolutely fine. I have just found that the time was not set properly so I set the time in CMOS and then restarted PC. It never booted since then. It just went to a loop. It switch...
  10. A

    need to substract data current row-previous row in php

    as you can see in the sample code the loop gives me data somewhat like this Date Count 2011-1-1 200 2011-1-2 250 2011-1-3 300 2011-1-4 150 now i want to insert a code in the while loop so that i get a custom 3rd column with output something like this Date Count...
  11. Z

    detecting a loop in a linked list

    hey can someone tell me how to find a loop in a linked list....ive searched a lot on google.i found the famous floyed`s algorithm but what i dont understand is that how can this algorithm if the length of the loop is bigger than 4 node...as in what if a have a linked list that goes on like...
  12. W

    Loop Mobile GPRS Settings for Android

    Dose anyone have the GPRS settings for loop mobile in android ??? I have tried the general settings that are given on their site ---> Loop But they dont work. So please if anyone could help it would be great ...
  13. S

    Which is better - for inside if or if inside for

    Hi, I am doing some coding in .NET in which there is a set of commands that I have to execute either once or twice (second time with slight changes) depending on user input. So, I want to know which is most efficient - Option 1. For() command 1 if (twice) command 2 End loop Option...
  14. T

    reboot loop on msi 890gxm g65 motherboard

    i have bought this new system- Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz MSI 890GXM G65 Gskill Ripjaws 1600 Mhz 6 GB DDR3 Kit Powercolor ati radeon 5850 1 gb ddr5 graphics card Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB Corsair TX750W i am facing a very odd problem- when i try to install any os, the system just...
  15. B

    A simple Database in C++

    Dear Friends, I want to make a simple database for my Mom's School which will include Adding basic information, displaying information, deleting information. I want to use file input & output with notepad.. Does using loop solves this..? Also i have tried this but it overwrites the previous...
  16. NewsBytes

    Beware: Apple iPad searches poisoned to lead to malware

      The Apple iPad, Apple’s latest release has received rather mixed opinions from both experts and followers; it has, nevertheless succeeded in getting a lot of public attention.   Hackers have found a way to use the iPad’s popularity for their own benefit - launching a Black hat...
  17. F

    need help in C

    need help in C ( using for loop without condition in bracket ) Hi friends i want to ask one question . this is realy crazy question but still i am asking can we use for loop without giving any condition in bracket i mean for() nothing in bracket .
  18. rohan

    Pure hindi programming :P

    was bored and tinkering around with VS08.. and ended up with this: and well.. just so that you know.. this compiles perfectly with VS08 [and VS05 too] the source along with the executable is bundled along.. don't try running the exe file on ur standard console.. it's unicode output so...
  19. clmlbx

    how does increment & for loops work in c?

    a=2 printf(++a * a++ * a++ * ++a) answer is 216 how ?? and how is for loop used ?
  20. mavihs


    can u guys give me a site where i can reffere about c++ & get some solution. & i got this prob with some question i hav. if u guys can solve it or give a hint or anything. here it is:- 1) WAP to display th following format on the screen.(using loop) 1 1 2 1 2 3...
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