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detecting a loop in a linked list


Right off the assembly line
hey can someone tell me how to find a loop in a linked list....ive searched a lot on google.i found the famous floyed`s algorithm but what i dont understand is that how can this algorithm if the length of the loop is bigger than 4 node...as in what if a have a linked list that goes on like

could someone please suggest an algorithm for this or if floyd s works for this then how?


BIOS Terminator
you may try this-
introduce a counter variable in the basic element structure and initialize it to 0. starting from 'a', start iterating through the elements. before moving on to the next element, increment the counter variable by 1 and then check its value, if value>1, there exists a loop as this element has been encountered before, if value <= 1, then move on to the next element.

you may also achieve it by defining a 2-d array which stores the memory address of elements and their corresponding encounters during iteration.
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