1. webgenius

    FS: 17" Samsung CRT Monitor

    Product: Samsung Syncmaster 753S 17" colour monitor Place: Bangalore Expected price: Rs. 2000 Reason for sale: Bought a 19" LCD monitor. I'm no longer using the CRT monitor now Please reply if you're interested
  2. amitabhishek

    Any Enfield bullet fan/owner out here, am planning to buy one

    This has been my lifelong desire to own Enfield's Bullet! I would love to ride them on weekends. I'd love to also join a local Bullet club. I'd want to own a brand new one but due to constraints I guess for time being I may have to settle for a used bike. I can't wait any longer... So any for...
  3. iinfi

    WiFi is no longer a viable secure connection

    WiFi is no longer a viable secure connection
  4. B

    Startup Problem

    Hi Guys, Thanx for all the help u have been giving me regarding my woes in the past. I have a very urgent query to make to u. this is regarding the startup of my computer. The problem is as follows: When I press the power switch of the chassis, both the red n green lights on the front panel...
  5. quadroplex780

    Crysis 1.2 patch released-Happy gaming

    Description: The second patch for Crytek’s highly-acclaimed Crysis is now available! Recent recipient of the “Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering” award from the Academy of Arts and Interactive Sciences and “Best Technology” award from the Game Developer’s Conference Awards, Patch 1.2...
  6. Z

    Removal of Dual OS

    Hi, I had earlier installed 2 different OS's in 2 different drives and for some reason I have to format one of the drives that had an OS, however, whenever I restart my machine I get the option to boot with either of them. My question is how do I remove the boot option for the Os that I no...
  7. Edburg

    Help ! My system crashing frequently....

    My system was overheating frequently(almost 100 dgree celcius) and crashing.....so i cleaned up the pro fans and now the temps are fine(50 C)..... But now my system is again crashing but i dont know why.....no BSODs no errors..not nothing..sytem just goes off and i have to turn off and on the...
  8. Kniwor

    Help shipping stuff to US

    I need to ship something to the US, a graphics card, anyhow, I'm located in Delhi and help me here with shipping, I need something cheap, and don't care much if it takes a little longer, DHL is too expensive. Thanks.
  9. Dark Star

    New ATI Video Driver Brings Back Fedora 7 Support

    A new version of the ATI/AMD Linux display driver was just released a few minutes ago for both x86 and x86_64 platforms. I think many users have been waiting for this, as this new version brings back support for the Fedora 7 Linux distribution! Issues resolved in this release: The kernel...
  10. anandk

    Goodbye Microsoft Office 2003 !

    After June 30, 2007, OEM Microsoft Office 2003 will no longer be available from Microsoft. Some authorized OEM Microsoft distributors may have some remaining inventory left for a short time after June 30th; however, Microsoft will no longer be shipping OEM Microsoft Office to them...
  11. koolbluez

    HP dv9010TX or Dell Inspiron 9400

    Clear my doubts please... need help in selecting the better one out... :D Nice desktop replacment needed... Play games & do multimedia processing with equal ease. Vista Aero capable. 17", nice display, more goodies, longer running time without heating, more ram/HD if possible... more...
  12. Cool G5

    Microsft office 2007 beta key?

    Helllo friends.I decided to install microft office 2007 beta from digit august 06 dvd.But when i went on the microsft site for cd key there was no longer a link for the activation key.Now from where would i get the key?
  13. A

    Rapidshare down! Forever?

    rapidshare.de no longer opens. Nor do any of the links to the downloads work. Nor does the website open through which I used to get links for all my downloads from rapidshare. What is going on?
  14. alltime.homie

    Video recording...

    I have a Nokia 6600, and my recording is only up to 15 seconds per clip. I have a 256mb memory card. Is there any software I can use to record movies for longer lengths ? Because as far as I can see, there isn't any setting I can change for longer recordings.... somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease help...
  15. yash

    forgot admin pass of a corrupted winxp x64 installation

    repair of corrupted winxp x64 installation gets stuck at "34 mins remaining" point I want a way to fix the win xp installation.I am currently trying out the repair install but it gets stuck at the gui part where it says installing devices...(around "34 mins before the setup finishes" according...
  16. H

    yahoo messenger BLOCK problem

    I am getting messeges from an ID which I have already blocked . what to do ? while signing on to chat I am getting an error messges >> login took longer than expected ....................why this is so ? what to know the reason benhind this .
  17. sidewinder

    Free antivirus trials..but for a longer time.Check it out!

    For people who want to use best antivirus softwares witout paying for it for a longer time than normal trila period..here are some links. Mind it these all are legal links....no warez. 1,Norton Antivirus .....3months *go.microsoft.com/?LinkID=910004 2.Mcafee Antivirus 3months...
  18. D

    Future Proofing

    Hi among the two - Geforce 6600 256 MB or 6600GT 128 MB, which one is bound to last longer...i.e, like allow me to play newer games longer...?which is more important - clock speed or video memory? also how much is a leadtek 6600GT 256 MB cost? :cry: its probably over my budget, but still...
  19. S

    Can't connect to net from xp but win98 works fine!

    I have a dual boot machine(PIII 667Mhz,256 mb,Intel810e)running win xp and win 98dual boot.From this morning i am having a strange prob.When dialling in to Sancharnet from Xp i constantly get"phone line is busy" error though from win98 i can connect with some difficulty.Listening to the modem...
  20. iinfi

    something similar to PHPTraid needed ... plz help

    i got PHPTraid from this months Digit CD/DVD. i went to PHPGeek.com only to find out that its no longer available for free. can anyone suggest me a similar s/w like PHPTriad thanks....
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