1. enticer86

    Remote access iPhone / Airdroid alternative

    I am in a peculiar problem, our office has become a no mobile zone suddenly, and I need to access my cellphone (for texts etc. and for calls too). I need a work around to see / access my phone screen on laptop. The primary requirements shall be: 1. Access to call logs and text messages 2. The...
  2. ithehappy

    How to synchronize uTorrent for multiple users?

    Say one has two users for Windows 7. User A and user B. Say both user have uTorrent installed in same location, but when User A is downloading a file or have a file added and it's paused at middle, then if User A logs out and User B logs in and open uTorrent then that file is not being shown for...
  3. ithehappy

    Is there a way to get the last received call number? Urgent

    Shame on you Fandroid. Anyway, I just received an important call and just after hanging my disgraceful phone froze and rebooted and got stuck on boot logo. Wiping cache/dalvik didn't solve anything and it was so reluctant to start up, so I hard reset it. And there it is, everything is gone, with...
  4. R

    Getting server logs of cluster nodes of jboss?

    Hi , In a clustered jboss i need to get the logs of all the nodes in servlet. Please help me to solve this. Thanks in advance.
  5. Rahim

    WikiLeanks has done it again

    Iraq war logs: secret files show how US ignored torture The Irag war logs Will we ever get these War Criminals dragged to The Hague? Now USA and Israel are preparing and doing every possible propaganda to invade Iran.
  6. ankushkool

    Software for logging system temprature!

    I am using Dell Studio 17 with Win7. My laptop powers off whenever i play some heavy games... i think its due to the rise in temp! is there a software that logs the temp so that i can check later. also will it give some warning or something when de temp crosses the threshold so that i dont...
  7. A

    Redirection Help!

    I am making Cyber Cafe management system, In which I want to redirect the user request(for any page etc.) to home page (i.e., login page) untill he/she logs in. Can anyone tell me how to do this with Java, J2EE, javascript (I don't know what to use), & without .NET ??
  8. ax3

    logoff effect ???

    v have many log-on`s @ my office & if am out 4 sometime it automatically log`s off & shows login screen bt doesnt kill processess\softwares running ie it just logs off ...... bt @ home this doesnt happen if i have just 1 account ... how can i get that effect with just 1 account ???
  9. dhanusaud

    OS Bump

    guys, i recently cleaned viruses (brontok) from one system with kaspersky brontok removal tool. when i restarted it isn't booting in normal nor in safe mode instead userlogon screen appears, when i try to logon it logs on me & then logs off.:mad: wht sud i do?? plz help urgent...
  10. T

    Database Question.

    I got a Domain on which IPB is installed. [forums] On Subdomain I got Gallery [Photo Management Software] installed. Now thing is both use MySQL DBs. I was wondering weither its possible that there is a Single login for both. So WHen a user logs in on the Portal Page he doesnt have to...
  11. romeo_8693

    Comp doesnt shutdown!!!

    hi guys....im posting after a long time..... my comp has dedveloped a problem after a power surge..wen in windows i say shutdown it logs off then it restarts....it doesnt stop..wat can b the problem?
  12. chicha

    strange problem......

    i formmated my hardisk and installed windows XP just last night. Every thing is fine but when i try to download some application of the web like gtalk the system simple restarts without any warnings (the procedude is followed i.e it logs off and then it restarts). No errors are shown after the...
  13. M

    Logging password change fail on Sun 9

    Do anybody know where the password change failure logs are stored on Sun Solaris 9?
  14. vasulic

    HELP HELP My system Logs off AUTOMATICALLY

    Hey guys I need UR help I have win xp prof with sp2 My PC seems to have a problem I am able to boot properly but when I reach the logon screen and click on the username the message appears under the username :::loading personal settings::: followed by :::logging off::: In...
  15. adit_sen

    funny problem with gmail and firefox

    hi all.. i'm using firefox Now everytime I try to access Gmail, I get a 'Loading....' dialogue on the top left of the screen. But it just stays ther. Nothing happens after that!!! So I can't log into Gmail. But once in a while, it does login without any problems. Now this is most...
  16. Gunner

    Yahoo Messenger 7 India

    When I log in and do anything normal on Yahoo, it works fine. But when I click on the place where it shows my avatar, or in a place which embosses when you place your cursor over it and click there, the messenger logs me out and shuts down. Is there a solution to this problem ?
  17. M

    How to view counter logs in xp ?

    How to view "counter logs" in xp ?
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