Weird Skype App problem


I have a rooted Galaxy S2 GTi9100. I was using the skype since a long time even after rooting. But somewhere in between my skype app stopped working. whenever i tried to login it failed saying Incorrect login details. But I can login using the Phone browser, Windows PC app and browser using same login details.
These are the actions I have performed to get my skype working but still no success.
1. Reset the phone.
2. Formatted Internal SD card from phone and Via PC several times.
3. Uninstalled and Installed again and again.
4. Installed older versions of the app.
5. Changed several custom ROMS.

Also NOTE: I can login on other android phones, and neither others can login in my phone

With so many tech geeks here is there anyone who has any Idea why this is happening ?
Thanks and awaiting for your replies to a mystery that has puzzeld me for long time
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