1. bad_till_bones

    Advice Required - For Buying Washing Machine

    Hi, Planning to buy a Washing Machine for a family of 4. Kindly suggest which one should I go for - front or top loading. And it would be really nice, if I can get a model number too. Regards.
  2. anky

    Fia 14 crash

    hello friends, i started fifa 14 from orign after two months...and it started downloading itself from 27%, then after it was complete it got installed but when ii start it, it gets stuck on messi loading screen and then closes/crashed.. tried these methods but didnt work 1.deleting documents...
  3. M


    Hi guys, Requirement : Fully Automatic Washing Machine. Question : Which brand and which model should I buy. Plz Advice. (I am confused between LG and Samsung) Budget : 20-23K Capacity Required : 6 or 6.5 kg Cloth Loading : Top loading
  4. ithehappy

    Having a problem with Netgear DG834G router, after installing Windows 8.1!

    The router is a Netgear DG834G V3. I use to open to access and configure router's settings and all, but since switching to Windows 8.1 Pro I can NOT access the "connection status" page. Without that page I won't be able to connect / disconnect the router. The page is loading...
  5. ariftwister

    How to stop Youtube Videos from loading?

    I dont want the youtube video to buffer/load while i visit to read only comments. is there any way to temporarily stop them from loading/buffering ?
  6. ico

    weird bug related to "Post your latest purchase thread"

    the bug is, if any one opens this thread - *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/chit-chat/45694-post-your-latest-purchase.html and then tries to browse the forum...the forum becomes slow and pages top loading. Everything times out for 20 minutes. Anyone facing this problem?
  7. darkv0id

    Some websites are not loading properly

    Some of my frequently visited sites like Steam() and ThinkDigit forums are not loading properly. Occasionly this problem occurs with IGN and SteamCommunity as well. I've heard switching to GoogleDNS may solve this problem, should I try this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. M

    Want a Script to Load blog Faster

    Hey Digit Magzine Readers, please suggest me Some Javascript to increase the Loading speed of my Blog.:lol: my blog: LWTHacker | Ultimate Hacking Tools
  9. R

    play store images and screenshots not loading

    Hi all:| im using htc sensation xe mobile im facing problems in play store in my sensation. the images and screen shots are not loading in play store. it displays the message "cant load screen shots". im using wifi connection with high speed but the images are not showing and when using data...
  10. ithehappy

    Is auto loading of a web page a Chrome only feature and Google patent?

    Really? Have Google patented it that no other browser can use it? I am talking about that feature when you type the address the web page is already loading. It is a great feature tbh. But latelt Chrome is freezing whenever I am opening the Blog page of GSMArena, so thought about uninstalling and...
  11. tkin

    FB is not loading properly!!

    From today my fb is not loading completely, the top bar is not there, no friends, chat not loading, my information is coming incompletely, sometimes the cover pic is showing, sometimes not, anyone else having similar issues? Plus no friend feed etc, apps are working fine, however mobile version...
  12. anirbandd

    Why You Should NOT Buy Local Desi PSUs - A Visual Guide

    This my 1yr 2mt old Local Crap PSU. Last night it went kaput... I booted my machine and after showing the screen of Windows loading the display switched off. Tried hard resetting, but everytime the same results; display shuts down after loading window. I had just read a PSU guide on this forum a...
  13. S

    Best Top Loading washing Machine under 19K

    Can you please tell me Best washing Machine under 19k, Not interested in front loading due to knee and back pain problems of my mother.
  14. ssk_the_gr8

    Opera 12 is out

    Download Opera browser | Faster & safer internet | Free download What's new What?s new in Opera I especially like the new themes + the performance is even better now opera did a good thing by Discontinuing Opera Unite, Opera Widgets and Voice - saving on resources and focusing where...
  15. B

    Overclocking amd x2 260 3.2ghz

    I have amd x2 260 3.2ghz cpu. .gigabyte ma78lmts2p mobo. .6670 1gb ddr5. .4gb ddr3 ram. . .iball lpe 223-400 psu. . I was overclocking my processor. . .could overclock it to only 3.4ghz. .then when I overclockd it to 3.5ghz and i was running the computer...
  16. dfcols71

    gmail not loading with browsers

    gmail not loading with browsers after installation of latest edition of firefox but gmail loading in outlook express what is the problem and solution
  17. Faun

    Buying washing machine

    I know nothing much about these. Would appreciate if someone can recommend one around~18-20k Which one is better top-down or front loading ? Thanks
  18. g_goyal2000

    Subtitles not loading on WMP 11

    Hi guys, I recently installed K-Lite Codec Pack (not mega pack) v7.80 on my Win7 Ultimate over my existing installation of v7.70. After installation, the subtitles stopped loading. So I uninstalled it & reverted back to v7.70. But still the subtitles are not loading. Kindly help me.
  19. S

    Suggestions on Notebook?

    Hi Techies, I wish to buy a notebook(14") and got a budget of 32k tops. I am gonna use it for movies, browsing, ebooks and stuff. Won't be gaming or loading high end softwares. Which brand or model in specific should i be lookin for in this range? Thanks, Sandheep
  20. Gaurav265

    Ashes cricket 2009 problem-not loading

    I have ashes cricket 2009,when i install and run in win7 it cant start ,but it was running in task manazer processes also wait for 2-5 min nothing happens.then i search on google then found that there is a problem with this game in windows 7.then i install in it in win xp and same problem...
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