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  1. T

    Ubuntu Not Boot Loader Vanished.

    Hello, My PC Specs are in Signature. I had Win 7 SP1 Installed on the SSD. Then Installed latest Ubuntu Version. Worked fine for 2-3 weeks then the boot loader vanished. System boots in Win 7 Directly. I have the boot Disc with me. Kindly let me know how to fix and What may have...
  2. Cyberghost

    Ubuntu not loading after installing?

    Hii I have now encountered a problem, I install ubuntu along side with windows 8. After installing I restart the computer then I'm getting only windows 8. I can't see the OS selection menu. I have two HDD. I install windows on master drive and ubuntu on slave drive and I assign the boot loader...
  3. N

    Factory Setup if Recovery Image is LOST

    I have a dell inspiron 17r se 7720 . When i purchased this lappy the boot logo of dell (bios) didnt use to come , and just a dell logo with windows loading circle came . Due to some reasons my hdd crashed and dell guy came up and replaced my hdd and reinstalled the OS but ever since then , i get...
  4. Niilesh

    Windows bootloader

    I installed windows 7 on my sis lappy. I repartitioned the disk and installed windows.by mistake i installed it on a big partition(which i didn't like). so i once again installed windows, this time on correct drive and while in custom settings i formatted the partition on which windows was...
  5. ajooba215

    How to switch b/w windows 7 and xp?

    hey guys...i had been using windows xp for long and couple of days ago...i installed windows 7 just for a test in the same partition in which windows xp was previously installed...now m confused how to can get the boot loader option at the starting to choose b/w windows 7 and xp. I did not...
  6. S

    how to add windows 7 in grub loader?

    hi first i had windows xp & 7 then i formatted xp and reinstalled it and also after that i installed linux mint 8 now the windows 7 boot option is disappeared tell me how can i add it to the grub loader of linux pls reply.
  7. K

    uninstalling ubuntu??....

    hi.... i hav recently installed ubuntu 8.10 on my desktop along with windows xp....nw grub loader is there which can boot both of my os......bt i am of concern that if i removed ubuntu than grub loader will be automatically removed........nd boot file of windws initial booting will be lossed...
  8. sravan

    GRUB Gone

    I have vista , xp and Ubuntu 8.10 in my laptop. I recently reinstalled Vista . From that day The GRUB is gone . Only windows boot loader is active and showing an opton of selecting xp or vista . What to do to restore the GRUB ?
  9. K

    Vista deleted bootloader.. how to get it back?

    Hi, I installed Linux Mint - 6 on a new computer. .. worked fine.. after that .. I installed Vista on another partition, but it deleted the entry in boot loader. there is noting on linux in vista boot loader. Can some one tell me how to boot in Linux Mint 6 again.. without loosing that...
  10. Sridhar_Rao

    Time to remove suse 11....but how?

    Well...with your help I got to partition the disk and install Ubuntu as well as Suse. The latter is buggy and I keep getting internal errors. I found it no superior than ubuntu with the little experience that I have. Nonetheless, I want to get rid of it. I have three partitions on my 40 GB (~37...
  11. yogeshm.007

    Retain XP while adding to new disk to system

    Hi I'll be adding a new HDD to my PC today (or may be tomorrow). I want to transfer XP from the existing drive to the newer one. For this I am planning to just copy the data to the new drive and and then install the boot loader on the newer drive. Do you think this would work? I just dont want...
  12. Beta Waves

    How to install Windows Boot loader

    Hi guys, I am having Windows XP, Vista Ultimate and Ubuntu 7.10 on my comp.. In my grub boot loader menu it shows Windows XP and linux when i select XP i will get one more menu asking whether to go for XP or Vista..... My question is say if my XP installation gets corrupted and if i re-install...
  13. speedyguy

    Linux grub boot loader creation help

    I installed xp then mandriva but i lost grub loader....system directly boots into xp....anyway 2 get back 2 grub or may be windows boot only but atleast an option 2 get to linux... thanx in advance Enjoy~!
  14. chandru_skc

    recover windows vista boot loader

    hi i installed ubuntu on my harddisk with vista and xp preinstalled... as it happened i lost my vista boot loader after i formatted the linux drive... help me to recover my vista....
  15. Ishan

    Install GRUB loader

    I've installed XP, Vista and Ubuntu in my laptop int the boot loader it first provides me two option 1.Ubuntu.....will boot in linux 2. Vista loader In vista loa der i am provided with 1. Earlier verson of Windows...boot to XP 2. Windows Vista......boot to Vista Now as i want to reinstall...
  16. A

    dual boot system

    i have loaded both redhat and window XP. but boot loader is missing. how to load the boot loader so that i can start o/s as per my requirement at the beginning.
  17. g_goyal2000

    Fixed Vista. Now XP not loading.

    Hi guys. I just bought a Sony laptop today. It had Windows Vista Basic pre-installed. I installed Windows XP Pro on another partition to make a dual boot configuration. Upon installation, XP overwrote Vista's boot record & replaced boot loader. So I fixed Vista's boot loader thru repair option...
  18. chicha

    boot loader

    i installed MINTand then i installed winXP on the same HDD but on a diff partition. the problem is that i can not get into mint reason i think is that boot loader is overwritten. what do i do? i am new to linux so please guide step by step. thank you.
  19. Desmond

    How to install boot loader to MBR in Ubuntu

    Hello everyone, I want to install Ubuntu 7.04 FF on to my Hard Drive (Windows Dual boot). When I Dbl Click the install icon on the Ubuntu desktop, in the end it asks me where to install the boot loader. Now I don't know what is the name of the MBR or how is it known as in Linux. Please help.
  20. rakeshishere

    Dual Boot Windows and Linux in a Smart Way!

    NeoSmart Technologies had already released a nice Windows Vista boot loader modification tool named EasyBCD that works seamlessly in true multiboot environment. EasyBCD is the ultimate bootloader modification tool for Windows Vista that lets you boot from Linux as well as all other older...
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