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Did you contribute to linux kernel?


Cyborg Agent
Anyone TDF involved in contributing code to Linux kernel or involved in kernel hacking?

I am trying to contribute as newbie to learn about device drivers. :razz:


The Power of x480
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That's very good of you.
I think [MENTION=26920]Liverpool_fan[/MENTION] contributed to such projects. Calling him to discuss.


Simply a DIGITian
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Well, thanks for opening the thread. Once I thought of opening a thread regarding contibution to open source projects but then thought may be everyone will think I'm a idiot. Good that I found someone who thinks like me.

Now, though this is offtopic, but I really want to contribute to Open Source projects. (Note that I said I want, means I'm really enthusiast about this). But the problem is my knowledge.

Most Open Source projects like (Linux Kernel, Firefox etc.) are mostly written in C / C++ / PHP. Yeah I know these languages, but don't like them much also I have just basic knowledge. Not that extensive to work in a project, as I'm a .NET developer and I'm into MS technologies.


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Thanks for posting the books you guys have referred. Will keep these books in the reading list when I start learninig about the linux kernel.
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