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Linux Friendly Laptop


New to this forum
I'm planning to buy a laptop that I will be running Linux (Fedora or
Arch, most probably) and Windows (8/8.1). The minimum specs are:
1. 4 GB RAM
2. 500 GB HDD
3. Decent GPU for some gaming, running simulations and a a bit of not-too-heavy OpenGL programming
4. Atleast 2 - 4 USB slots, preferably USB 3.0
5. Compatible with Linux and no strange behaviour, i.e no
non-accesible UEFI/BIOS settings, Secure Boot that can't be disabled,
Linux only installing in BIOS mode, drivers not available etc.
6. Preferably, having standard screws and all so that I can hack around a bit, just in case.
7. Nice keyboard is a must (if possible, with Insert/Delete and real Function keys).
Pratically, I want it to support Linux out of the box. My budget is
around 40k, although I might manage ~50k for an exceptional product.
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