1. ssb1551

    Skylake based gaming rig

    Hi Digitians, This is my first Intel build with Zotac GTX 1060 AMP. I will upgrade to 1070 by the end of this year or start of the next. Also will upgrade to a better PSU - got the crappy CX series now. Didnt know it was worse than CS series :shocked:. Anyways here goes the pics (BTW not sure...
  2. A

    Maruti Nexa : Brand Survey

    Dear Ladies & Gents, Hope you all are doing well. I am conducting a market survey for Maruti India.Humbly request all TDFer's to spare 5 min and take the survey, would be a big help for me. Links to the survey are as below Maruti Nexa : Brand Surve Maruti Nexa : Brand Surve...
  3. I

    Custom Backups of Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

    Hello everyone. I have created numerous folders on Mozilla Firefox and have bookmarked multiple links within each of them; as depicted by the illustrative image below - I desire to create backups of the custom folders and its subsequent corresponding links, such that, I can then restore them...
  4. S

    Fallout 4 mods

    Hello! Do you know good trusted websites with new F4 mods? I alredy use WoM but for other gamez mostly. There are not too much Fallout mods. Can you give me some links?
  5. Vyom

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst [Closed Beta Registration Open]

    Loved this game in its original form. And now the reboot, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is about to set foot this year. But the game have released for closed beta. And I have registered for that. Below is the trailer, screenshot and then some links: Trailer...
  6. D

    Game Recording and Editing Software Help

    ~Read Rules~ Dont ask about pirated software
  7. Ricky

    [Want to Buy] Facebook page on general topic with 5k plus likes

    I am looking to be admin of a Facebook page with general subject, humor , fun or anything. Page should have atleast 5K likes. Please give details only in PM including page links . MODS: If this is against rules then please let me know. PS: Its not necessarily about buying a page, there are...
  8. Charley

    3g - Idea & Vodafone

    I need 3g (1 mpbs++) plans for my mobile for 2 weeks usage. Any site links for Vodafone & idea?
  9. truegenius

    disguise yourself as facebook official page and comment on official page

    hey there, i was browsing facebook and saw that someone is using a technique to look exactly like official page in comment section of that official page dows anybody know about this trick ? here is an example post link...
  10. A

    MP3 Player Needed(upto 6k)

    Hi guys I need some suggestion regarding mp3 players. One of my friend is planning to buy an mp3 player which should have an display and with 6k budget. I know nothing about Mp3's so please suggest a good one with links to purchase online. If anyone know a better place in Bangalore please...
  11. Charley

    Adding Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter to Gmail Signature

    I read through many google links, and followed it, but my signature shows the link and the image next to the other. Why ?
  12. rickenjus

    Can a script be written for this task??

    I don't know how to write a script, I wonder if a script is possible for this task..?? I want to fetch all links from a webpage and then I want to edit them except few in the following way - say, this is the link --> http:/www.*.com/abc/xyz replace "xyz" portion of the link with...
  13. R

    Creating a Multiplayer CS session

    Me and My 9 other friends decided to play counter strike this weekend. Preperations have begun. But nobody knows how to setup a server ? We have all installed CS 1.6 game. Wifi and LAN both options are available. Can some1 please provide links for tutorials which explains how to connect 8-10pcs...
  14. B

    Where to buy 280x in Hyderabad?

    which version has the best vfm ? a lot of online retailers are out of stock. any links would be appreciated.
  15. D

    Dust Cleaner

    Recommend some good dust cleaners for PSU, Motherboard and the overall cabby. I am looking for compressed air cans etc. If there are other options do let me know. Thanks. And links to specific products on ebay,flipkart etc will be greatly appreciated. If this is not the right sub forum, point me...
  16. F

    None of the links given in September 2013 issue is working

    Hi, I am pretty sure this is a wrong sub forum but I had no choice. I couldn't start a thread in QnA section neither in "Interact" section. Anyways I have september 2013 issue (which I bought on 30th of September) and none of the links given in the magazines are working. Any tips/help?
  17. theserpent

    Need some help with Business Quiz

    Need some quick archives here,Can someone please give me links to all the founders,Current CEO,Chairman,Logos of all famous companies please?
  18. Knight2A4

    Fake link that appers on google

    Just from some days a links to popular sites like facebook, monster jobs & others are appearing in my search links WOT high lights these links as dangers ... I have scan my system for infections but nothing turned up. Please advice if any one else also is having the same problem or WOT is...
  19. D

    External HDD under 7k....

    urgent help needed in buying an external 2TB HDD under rs 7k.... open to buying online.....please provide links too.... Thnx in advance... :D
  20. ratul

    Who all are excited for this TPB movie?

    I am, and definitely gonna watch this, after all it'll be free.. :mrgreen::wink: * From the trailer, I think this Piratebay documentry can be the next "social network", or "pirates of silicon valley", as it definitely looks amazing.. :twisted: What...
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