1. A

    wifi setup using local cable

    Plz tell me the steps of setup of wifi connection with alliance broadband using D link wireless DIR 600 M modem.
  2. kg11sgbg

    A help please regarding entry into the site

    I wonder why I am unable to browse or enter into the site posted in the magazine digit. The link being :---> ****** (here ***** refers to any article or fact or posts or whatsoever). How to enter the link and how do I read them? Please Help @TDF Friends.
  3. D

    Call recorder for Android

    I have downloaded dozen of them from play store but none of them works perfect. Post the link or give me the exact name if you have used one.
  4. rickenjus

    Can a script be written for this task??

    I don't know how to write a script, I wonder if a script is possible for this task..?? I want to fetch all links from a webpage and then I want to edit them except few in the following way - say, this is the link --> http:/www.*.com/abc/xyz replace "xyz" portion of the link with...
  5. D

    help with win xp

    guys i accidentally deleted the default games (solitaire , freecell etc) now i am unable to reinstall them i dont hav the win xp cd. any help on this will be appreciated if it requires win cd then can any! post the link to download it??
  6. K

    Need Ur help guys... Badly ...asap removing Cryptorbit Ransom virus

    All my files videos, pdfs are encrypted and want to gain access to them again pls help me asap.../ thanks/. See the image in the link.//..
  7. Ronnie11

    Sony Xperia SL Sync Issues

    Hey guys, i need some desperate help. My phone contacts before all used to be saved in local contacts. As a result it wasn't backing up on my google account. So i exported contacts to card and imported to google. As a result, my google account finally had my contacts as backup. Now here is where...
  8. @

    The all new...iPad Air

    Bought it from US almost twenty days back. I wrote a review and here is the link (ad-free blog :P ) : * If mods don't allow it, then will remove the link. and the all the pics (for those just want to see pics) :
  9. aal-ok

    Modern Warfare 1 language pack

    I downloaded COD4 MW but it turned out to be russian, can anybod give me link to english language pack or is there any other solution to the problem.
  10. D

    How to create a blog to link other sites

    Guys I need to know whether we can create a blog to link a site permanently...just like a proxy server doing it for different sites..Coz I need to create a blog to link a cricket live score site to it so that it is invisible for site blocking software used in my work Place :P :P
  11. saswat23

    Iobit Giveaway

    Iobit is giving away free copies of its Advanced System Care 7 Pro, IObit Malware Fighter 2 and Driver Booster as Thanksgiving. You can send the thanksgiving to any email you (including yours), they will send you a link to the email and opening that link will show the key of that product...
  12. S

    BSNL - TP Link TDW8961ND Configuration Issues

    Hi, I am trying to connect TP Link TDW8961ND to BSNL Dataone. DSL connects but Internet does now can you please help verify and let me know if I am doing something wrong. As usual BSNL Helpline wasnt helpful. Config : * Regards, Vikram
  13. 7shivam9

    Graphics Card Under 5k

    Hello Guys...last time I made a Terrible mistake... Bought a gt610 instead of gt620 ...because of lack of knowledge :3 This time i dont want to make any mistake .. Here are few Cards i have Found online.. 1)PowerColor AMD/ATI Radeon HD5570 1 GB DDR3 Price is 3488 : Sadly Flipkart is...
  14. N

    Need to buy an wifi +modem for bsnl

    I want both devices in one unit. But I don't know what to purchase as I have no knowledge of wifi routers please suggest routers in fk link max budget is 2k . Please suggest asap . Thanx in advance .:o
  15. bajaj151

    Suggest 42inch Full HD LED

    Using LG 32' LED...very much satisfied..Now want bigger screen... How is LG 42LN5120 at 37K? Link: LG 42LN5120 HD LED TV | LG Electronics IN Will it support .mkv format?
  16. bajaj151

    Suggest 42inch Full HD LED

    Using LG 32' LED...very much satisfied..Now want bigger screen... How is LG 42LN5120 at 37K? Link: LG 42LN5120 HD LED TV | LG Electronics IN Will it support .mkv format?
  17. a_k_s_h_a_y

    bsnl broadband complaint link url

    hi guys I remember there was a URL where I posted a complain that my speed was still 2 mbps despite 4 mbps upgrade. Then they immediately fixed it . now my internet is down since 2 days, it says PPP Server link down/failed not connected. But ADSL link is up and fine. I want ot register a...
  18. akash1988

    Best CPU+Motherboard Combo under 5K?

    A friend wants to upgrade his processor and motherboard under 5K. So is there any AMD Llano or Trinity processor+motherboard combo kit, similar to the Intel Atom CPU+Mobo kits, under 5K? Do provide a link from where we can buy it online, if possible.
  19. Gollum

    Left 4 Dead 3?

    Now could this be real? Checkout the Link for youself
  20. A

    wi fi connectivity with win 8 laptop

    i have a hp laptop usa made .i have just shifted my location .when i started my laptop and try to connect with the wi fi link on my bsnl modem on bsnl broadband i dont get any wi fi link-the icon shows wi fi link off -ive tried using both the airplane mode off and on.please help.i am using win...
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