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    Check this video out

    hey everyone check this video. A guy shows his case. link YouTube - pc moding with led
  2. banskt

    Pentium 4 CPU + D915GAV Motherboard (socket LGA775)

    Intel Pentium IV 3.20 GHz 1. Model number and details: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz 540J (SL7PW) 2. Date of purchase: 6 years 3. Reason for sale: Was lying unused, haven't checked it for the past 8 months 4. Warranty details: Expired 5. Location of Seller: Bangalore 6. Link to product: link 7...
  3. Anish

    Vodafone Super weeks

    Hi everyone, I am actually late by a week to post this,.. As many of you may or may not know, Vodafone has announced super weeks offer for their customers(both 2g and 3g). Last week, the offer was free access to facebook, orkut and twitter.(no data charges) This week you can download 5...
  4. coderunknown

    Happy Easter: 5 Ashampoo programs [GIVEAWAY]

    Ashampoo is offering 5 software on the occasion of Easter. link is given below. Ashampoo Giveaway Ashampoo® Anti-Malware 1.21 ---> just another anti-malware product. it is based on Avira's scan engine Luke Filewalker & detection is good. Ashampoo® Slideshow Studio Elements Ashampoo®...
  5. coderunknown

    TuneUp Utilities 2010 [GIVEAWAY]

    it'll be silly to ask if you like Tuneup Utilities. it is the best combo of utilities packed under 1 hood. so, don't wait & hit the link given at the end of this post. Giveaway Page.
  6. C

    Beetel Boom 10000

    Hi i bought the beetel Boom 10000 today from a local shop, but i can't figure out how to connect the transmitter. The content of the package are the same as on this ebay link eBay India: Beetel Wireless Headphone with Mic Mike FM Cordless TV (item 150585859814 end time 02-May-2011 10:14:29...
  7. Z

    Do you know this phone?

    I have seen the following link in an advertisement: I think it looks quite good. Sorry, but the link is not pointing to a purchase for this phone. Is there anyone knows what is this? Does someone recognize this logo or brand? Looking forward to your...
  8. koolbuddy92


    There's this ringtone which I really like, and I wanted the whole song. But the problem is I can't find it. The site from where I downloaded the ringtone claims it to be an NFS Carbon soundtrack, but I've checked all of'em and none matches it. Here's a link to the ringtone: Nfs_Carbon.mp3...
  9. mohityadavx

    Ebay Warranty Problem

    I am thinking of buying Sony DSc h55 from ebay at this link eBay India: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H55 Digital Camera + Warranty (item 270724046796 end time 30-Mar-2011 08:00:00 IST) The link says its new and it has 6 months Dealers warranty does this mean that it doesn't have the manufacturer...

    Advice required on PC upgrade..

    Hello guys, I am new in this amazing forum(though I keep track of interesting posts when I get time). I am Kuntal, a 3rd year engg student from near Kolkata. I am particularly interested in GNU/Linux, programming and music,football,badminton and am a hardcore FC Barcelona supporter 8-)...
  11. cute.bandar

    Anyone know anything about the rivalry between techencalve and erodov

    I just made a couple of threads on and . On erodov techenclave is one of the censored words and on techenclave the word 'erodov' has been all asterisked Link! So there is obviosuly some kind of argument between the two. Anyone know anything ? None of my business...
  12. montsa007

    SEO Services

    Hello Fellow Thinkers, I am selling SEO Services. Services Include -Press Release -Social Bookmarking -Article Marketing -Link Wheels -Web 2.0 Profile Link Building -Squidoo Lens Creation & Promotion -Monthly SEO plans Just send me an email on montsa29[@] or post here 7 i...
  13. Gaurav265

    Need link of great free games for nokia 5230

    Hi,i want link of best free games and apps on my nokia 5230 anyone play any best game please help.thanks
  14. webgenius

    I don't believe in aliens, but......

    Check this link. Wonder if it's real :?
  15. CA50

    Free goodies from Steel Series

    Steel series is providing free goodies for everyone, just resister and earn a chance to win those. just register with this link, you have nothing to lose STEELSERIES CONTEST OF A DECADE!
  16. Techn0crat

    Need name of cs map.

    there is one small cs for 4-6 players.It has got ramps and only pistols are allowed.(weapons can't be bought). has many small walls too. can anyone tell me name or link for it? Thanks.
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