1. B

    TP Link modem advice****MOST URGENT****

    Dear Friends, I accidentally spilled Limca on my TP Link modem :( What an idiot I am. Can you please suggest a good modem by TP Link? The budget is 1500/- Also is it true that more antennas truly extend the range of the wifi signals? I was planning to build a gaming pc and modem, ups, speakers...
  2. S

    Please help me out whether i should go with this or not with gainward 1070 phoniex

    Today mdcomputers arranged some sale of gtx 10 series cards and i was able to order a GAINWARD GRAPHICS CARD PASCAL SERIES - GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 PHOENIX EDITION for 27300 rs. i am new to pc and will make a soon. till now i am using a laptop. i have heard many popular brands like msi, asus...
  3. A

    wi fi extender

    required for home use compatible with tp link and bsnl modem,any advice.budget max 1500/-
  4. D

    Is this link working?

    Guys can someone check if this link is working . I tried multiple times but its not working for me. Link is here
  5. K

    Extending my Hathway Connection through Wifi

    HI All, I recently took a hathway connection and it came with a very cheap plasticky Techni colour 7200 router. I was wondering which would be the best router to replace this one? 2ndly i want to know if i can extend the wifi from the TC 7200, as I have a TP link portable 3020. Please let me...
  6. nac

    Misuse of mobile no.

    Out of curiosity I googled my mobile no. shockingly search results come up with a firm I am not associate with and even worse under contact person, my name is printed. WTF :mad: Tried to open the link, it's not opening. Is the fake company closed? Should I worry about this? Anyone faced like...
  7. patkim

    Question about WiFi Extender

    I want to buy a WiFi range extender in my house. Similar threads on this forum point to Comfast 150N but now it’s out of stock online. I am short listing Leoxys 300 N R1 and TP Link TLWA850. If you have any suggestions pl. help. When I use repeater can I seamlessly move my mobile devices from...
  8. lywyre

    Is this site for free Jio 4G SIM authentic?

    I got this link as a forward in WhatsApp. I instinctively know it is a suspicious/ malicious link. I can't even find WhoIs details for the same or any other link/reference from reliance's site. Did not get any Google results also regarding this promo. However, I can't find any evidence on the...
  9. J

    Replacing fan for MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II

    Hello Guys, Need a bit help. One of the MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II has gone bad. I am planning to buy the fan available on Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at And would follow the instructions as per below link Video card guide: MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozr...
  10. S

    Guys, can you check this WD 3TB external HDD & is it okay to buy from Ebay

    link is below - WD 3TB MY Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Disk Drive USB 3 0 Black | eBay model number described is - WDBBKD0030BBL-NESN link to the profile of seller - lowestprice2014 on eBa what tests should i perform (when i get it) to know if its a legit one not a...
  11. Akshay

    TP Link C9 issues with Netgear DGND3700

    I am using Netgear DGND3700 router for my internet connection (WAN port). Since it is not sufficient to cover the entire house I got TP-Link C9 Archer and configured it by manually assigning it IP address of; disabling DHCP and connecting CAT6 from Netgear to 8 port gigabit switch...
  12. B

    Display driver errors, OS or HP issue?

    Display driver errors, OS or Harassement-Packard issue? Hi, First of all I hope that the mods don't mind me creating too many threads to ask questions. My cousin purchased a HP ab522tx pavilion laptop last month. We are regularly getting a driver error. This comes up all of a sudden, the...
  13. ithehappy

    A cheap yet decent router for cable broadband?

    I am moving to cable based internet connection (Alliance) from BSNL, so I obviously need a router, but I do not want to spend much at all. As cheap as possible. If possible within 1000-1200 rupees. I have been suggested a few TP Link and Asus routers already, but as this is a forum site more...
  14. D

    Azom. Worth it?

    Hey digit. First post here. I've been using an aging Dell XPS L401X for five years now. It's got a 425M GPU and a first generation i7. I was not really smart and bought this thinking it would be the mean gaming machine a teenager with money issues could get at a bargain. Long story short...
  15. A

    Brand Survey On Nokia

    Hello Guys, As a part of a rebranding assignment on Nokia, I have created a survey. Would request TDFer's to spare 2 min to fill the survey, would be a great help for me. The survey link is as below Nokia : A brand that was ? Thanks! Best Regards, Abhijit Mukherjee
  16. tkin

    MP4Nation officially enters India with Brainwavz

    Good news for audiophiles, MP4Nation has officially entered India today via Amazon. Prices are competitive and a good selection of Brainwavz items are available, hope to see them bringing other brands in as well. As part of the launch they are providing some discounts, the Delta @ 999/- looks...
  17. bajaj151

    Lenovo G50 45: No smooth browsing

    Laptop link: Lenovo G50-45 Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Free Dos/ 2GB Graph) (80E300GYIN) Rs.24490 Price in India - Buy Lenovo G50-45 Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Free Dos/ 2GB Graph) (80E300GYIN) Black Online - Lenovo : 1) Browser: Firefox (updated) 2)...
  18. S

    WD My Passport Ultra 2TB External HD for Rs 6,696 on snapdeal

    I wanted a WD ext HD for a long time but didnt had enough money till yesterday so i searched and this was the cheapest+legit deal that i came across. link - WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Portable External Hard Drive (Black) - Buy @ Rs./- Online | Yesterday i booked it for 6699...
  19. omega44-xt

    Windows 8.1 & 10 doubts

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y500 laptop which came with Windows 8 pre-installed. I have some minor bugs, so I tried to refresh it but I can't (I deleted a 20GB empty hidden partition while installing & cloning my C drive from HDD to SSD, maybe that's why..... Any way to get refresh & reset back...
  20. Z

    NEED IEM under Rs600 {BASS FREAK HERE}

    Hi,I'm looking for Good IEMs for my LG G3, I have previously owned COWON EM1(which were also suggested by thinkdigit forum nd they ROCKEDD8 -) :-D ) Now , I'm budget contrained and have to settle for ~600 earphones I found PHILLIPS SHN7500 earphones for rs600, market price around Rs2000...
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