1. B

    Bandwidth limiter Android app

    Hi Guys, First of all sorry if it is a wrong section to post this question, but I wasn't able to find a thread about Android apps. Is there any working Android app that can limit the speed/bandwidth to the connected devices? This app used to work but with the new update, it is not anymore-...
  2. G

    MCA related question- NIT trichy AGE limit ??

    Hello Digitians ! I am 25 years old and thinking of joining BCA from IGNOU this year. By the time i complete my bca i would be around 28-29 years old .. The next step would be NIMCET and aim for NIT Trichy My question is 1) Will age be a big problem ? i tried to search and see if there...
  3. B

    Limit speed, data

    Hi Guys, We have networking between win 10 and win xp. Win 10 is connected via wifi and Win xp is connected via lan cable. No ip is given to either of the machines for networking. Is there any software/technique using which we can limit the speed and set the data limit in the pc with Win xp...
  4. K

    Paytm wallet upgrade

    Sorry, didn't know where to post so posted here. Mods can move this to appropriate thread. As paytm is offering a wallet upgrade for free with only some address proof, I wanted to ask is this safe? For those who don't know what wallet upgrade is, you can have maximum amount of 10k in your...
  5. K

    How reliable is You Broadband? (mumbai)

    I have been using Airtel for almost 10 years now.. But their FUP limit is pretty annoying. Went to their website to see if they had any plans with a better data limit and the best they have for Mumbai is 100gb.. which isnt enough. You Broadband is a decent option. The speeds (you wtf has...
  6. zegulas

    How to increase the group limit of whatsapp to more than 100?

    Hello friends, Currently whatsapp has a group limit of 100, but for some specific scenarios we do require creating a group of more than 100 members. There were a few articles which mentioned increasing the limit in one of its configuration xml file. But it seems to have been patched with the...
  7. U

    Which laptop to buy under 50000 or 55000

    A offer currently running on snapdeal provides laptops with 4000 discount. Which laptop should I buy from these. My budget has a max limit of 52k. My need for laptop is purely gaming.
  8. Cyberghost

    SBI card credit limit?

    Hello digitians I got a card from SBI against FD.They said that my credit limit will be 90% of the FD.But after getting my card. I have seen that the credit limit is 74% of the FD. Is it is some mistake do I want to call customer care for this.If u have similar experiences please share...
  9. Flash

    Removing the 4GB limit of 32-bit Windows 7

    First and foremost, this is not my tutorial. I've tried the method and it worked flawlessly. So thought of sharing it here, who're stuck with 32-bit version with >=4GB RAM. Try the methods in the below link at your own risk. HOW TO: Removing 4GB Memory Limit on 32 bit Windows | EVGA Forums...
  10. G

    Buying harddisk- Questions

    I am interested in buying internal harddisk for my old aging laptop. I was thinking in the terms of 1tb but someone told me in 32 bit computer there is a limit for only 500gb of harddisk. Is it true??? and what if i buy external harddisk and connect it via usb then will it be detected...
  11. H

    Airtel Broadband usage limits?

    Hello everyone...I live in Bhopal,M.P. recently, i subscribed to airtel broadband. The plan i subscribed was a 6 month plan with 5GB @ 1Mbps, and 256 kbps post that. for Rs 3100/- ( total amount for 6 months) As I'm a heavy downloader, i consume ~50GB per month. Sometimes, i download even...
  12. sumonpathak

    Maximus VI Extreme pushes 4770K to 7GHZ!

    So i was random surfing and this came into my attention Quoting since am too lazy today :p Source: 7174MHz 4770K On Maximus VI Extreme! | Republic of Gamers i guess i can reference this when people diss me for recommending ROG. Validation link EDIT: i posted before...but i...
  13. D

    Continuous disconnection in steam while downloading

    The pic below depicts: happens every time irrespective of the game i am downloading or anything Download settings: Server :India Game server browser(max ping/minute) : 1000 Limit: No limit Would changing the server or server browser help?
  14. H

    Video Game music thread.

    What are your favourite music tracks from video games? The music and sound design of video games can be one of the most important parts of the game. Post your favourite/best tracks here. Edit: Can we limit ourselves to songs made for video games rather than posting licensed tracks from games...
  15. Gauravs90

    How to limit bandwith for a particular mac address

    Hi guys I have tp-link MR3020 3G wifi router. I was searching for the setting that allow me to control the bandwith but I couldn't find any. I want limit bandwith as my friends are hogging much bandwith which I need for my purpose and it slows down my internet very much. This my routers...
  16. bajaj151

    Limit wifi speed : Possible ?

    My friend starts downloading and I can't able to surf. I am on LAN (desktop) How can I limit wifi speed using QOS on Asus RT N13u DDWRT ?
  17. N

    4 GB limit on a 32 bit OS

    There have been discussions on this forum on a 32 bit OS limiting the max RAM usage limit to 3.5 GB only. Found an interesting article here. Anybody tried this on Win 7 or XP 32 bit OS? My new build will arrive soon, planning to try on it soon!
  18. RCuber

    Is cost of internet resonable in India?

    Let me start with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi which triggered this question of mine I had this question from a long time, and there are many members who are not satisfied with either their speed or their bandwidth allotted or the price they are willing to pay to the ISP for accessing internet...
  19. AVT

    Price of these gigabytes mobos in Delhi ?

    Just wanted to have an idea how much money should i carry when I leave home to buy my components . (i live 2.5 hours away from Delhi and the ATM limit is 20,000 per day) Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3 Gigabyte Z68MX-UD2H-B3 Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 Are they even available now ?
  20. prds359

    Which psp to buy?

    I have 2 questions. 1. what functions can a psp perform other than playing games? 2. I want to buy a psp but not sure which one should I go for. Price limit is 20k (inr).
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