1. $hadow

    Going Manual help me with a DSLR

    I'm basically going to upgrade to a DSLR. So lets talk about my requirements: 1. Budget: Since this is going to be my first dslr, I am not willing to spend much. Max 25k 2. Upgradability: I need good amount of OEM and Third party accessory support, mostly lenses. I will keep on adding lens...
  2. Nerevarine

    How many people believe in Dr Zakir Naik

    Ive been watching some of his videos and I cant help but ask, How many people really buy into that stuff.. From what ive found, the majourity of youtube comments is in support of him .. I know this is a controversial topic but the things he says about other religions, especially christianity...
  3. N

    A feature phone with nice battery life and audio quality. (Budget <=2500)

    I want to buy a new phone for my parents.It will be used in my village farmland (limited electricity). Budget - ~2500 Rs. Display type and size - no preference. Dual sim - yes if possible. Preferred choice of brand - Nokia or any other reliable brand. What camera option you want (flash, front...
  4. H

    [>40k] Good battery life vs fast processor

    Budget: Less than 40k Primary Usage: Web surfing, Programming (Python, javascript, a bit of Matlab once in a while), Movies/TV Serials, Light gaming maybe(have not played games in a long long time as present laptop only has Intel 3000 gfx processor) Size and Weight considerations: 14 inch...
  5. TechnoBOY

    Post your BSNL broadband speed results

    can any body just tell me ur real life speed in BSNL broadband and your plan
  6. patkim

    HP 1515 printer - Request for inputs before purchase

    Friends, I have shortlisted HP 1515 printer. It seems to be available from around 3.7 K to almost 5K price range. Would be great to know some more info thru this forum before I go ahead. Typically what’s the life of a cartridge if not used much? As such the usage shall be relatively less...
  7. vishnov

    LIFE ON THIN ICE..Help your brother..plz guide this soul!

    hi guys, i need your advise on a rather important matter which may decide on how my life progresses. I study in final year electronics and tele-comm. engg from a pvt college in Maharashtra. But still, i've got backlogs from first year (maths). Unable to clear my first year papers i am not...
  8. S

    HP announces newChromebook and 14-inchAndroid laptop

    HP today anounced a new chromebook with a nice 11.4" screen ,powered by samsung processor.The display has the same 1366 x 768 pixel resolution seen on most Chromebooks. It weighs in at 2.69 pounds and is just under an inch thick.It comes with a 16GB storage and 2GB RAM which still...
  9. P

    What's so great in half life Hype?

    Alright can someone please explain me what's so great in the classical game half life and it's successors I heard a lot if buzz of it!!!but never played it. I am not dumb just exited to buy it but wanted to know what's it all about :-0
  10. K

    New phone for dad around 10K

    Hello all! I am looking to upgrade my dad's phone. What i need is a smartphone with a very good battery life. Battery life is the prime criteria here. 1. Budget? 10K 2. Display type and size? 4" screen should suffice 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Nokia...
  11. Nerevarine

    Share your adventures from your school Life

    Topic self explanatory, Ill start This is pretty funny so here goes, mods pls report if innappropriate When I was in 12th, some of the back benchers (no I wasnt one) had started watching Pron in class.. One of them was watching pron in our English period.. He was so aroused that his duck...
  12. D

    Any first person or third person pc games which are non-violent?

    Hello people.:wave: I know I'm asking an awkward question here,:blink: but really, is there any game which is non-violent? I tried Mirror's Edge, but that too has fightings. I'm not asking for child-games but "real life game" or "min game". A game where the player interacts with people, live his...
  13. D

    Conquer 4G‎ SPH-D600: Android OS drains most

    Recently I check my battery status and discover Android OS is always sucks life of my battery most. All the syncs and location services off for sure and I even have purchased a new replacement battery from Mpj for this Conquer 4G‎ SPH-D600, but still Android OS consumes battery life around...
  14. ax3

    Do U still use Facebook ???

    for some Facebook has become the most essential part of our life ... I still ask u all ... do u still use it / need it ???
  15. Skyh3ck

    Pranav Mistry the Genius of the next world

    See this how our life will change with this tech YrtANPtnhyg
  16. R

    Laptop Under 60K

    Hi i would like a laptop for my Dad.. under 60k its basically for browsing the internet, Office work, With a good battery life ( 5+). Should i wait for Haswell ultrabooks,,, or go for the present ultrabooks?
  17. A

    AC power or battery?

    is it good to use laptop on AC power most of the time, or should use Battery ? I mean what will be good for long battery life? I use laptop 6-10 hours in a day. My laptop is HP pavilion g4 2049tx.
  18. Nanducob

    What if GTA was real life?

    Guys,What if Gta was real life:evil:what would you do,first;)?
  19. S

    Thin and lightweight laptop for work - high res screen and great battery life needed

    hi guys, My requirement is very different from the stuff you generally see ;) I'm looking for a thin and light laptop for work. I'm not interested in gaming (sorry guys!!), but need something with great battery life and great screen resolution. Now, I cant spend as much otherwise I would...
  20. mang

    life expectancy of cpu based on fabrication process

    Is there any Idea relationship between life of a cpu based on its manufacturing process (nm). I was in the opinion that fabrication with more nm will last to that of fabrication having lower nm. Here life means till the cpu is totally dead and does not means obsolete. So is there any data about...
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