AC power or battery?


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is it good to use laptop on AC power most of the time, or should use Battery ?
I mean what will be good for long battery life? I use laptop 6-10 hours in a day.
My laptop is HP pavilion g4 2049tx.


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Mine is always connected to the ac power. Battery wear level is still 0 percent even after 2 months of usage.


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The main factor in battery life? Temperature.

The fact is that laptops just aren't designed for ... well, for laps. If you look at the bottom of your laptop you'll see it probably has feet (or more likely, bumps or rubber pads) that lift it off of any flat surface you might put it on. That creates very important space for ventilation. If you block that space, with say your lap, it's likely that you'll be causing the laptop to run hotter than it should. If you do this regularly, you'll likely shorten the lifespan of the laptop's batteries.


Has been almost an year. My laptop remains power on , almost 15-20Hours per day.
Sometimes , it runs continously for Days and weeks. ( on low load with screen turned off ).

It stays connected to Ac power always. The wear level is around 8% , and usage duration is around 9 Months.
Battery life has degraded by around 15Minutes.

I don't think , taking too much tension and care of battery is going to do any benefit by larger margins.
Just don't play games , while connected to battery. Battery life is damaged more by heat than anything else. So keep it under ambient temps.


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thanx to everyone for replying., your suggestions are very usefull for me.. :)
anymore suggestions will always welcomed.
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