Any first person or third person pc games which are non-violent?


Hello people.:wave: I know I'm asking an awkward question here,:blink: but really, is there any game which is non-violent? I tried Mirror's Edge, but that too has fightings. I'm not asking for child-games but "real life game" or "min game". A game where the player interacts with people, live his life and explore the world as we do. :rolleyes:

Its been some years now, I saw a prison-like game in the movie "kick ass", can't find the name of the game. Also I don't want online games.:sealed:

Strategy games are not what I am asking for, but do name some good strategy games. I once played "Age Of Mythology", it was nice.

Mystery Case files games are good, but they are all the same, do also give me some name like MCF and other detective games.

I have a laptop with Radeon HD6770m.

I love Max Payne 1,2,3. But now a days I don't want any fighting.:fencing:


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1. Portal 1
2. Portal 2

I am pretty sure that you might have played those two games but still I named them. You gave me a challenging task to find such games. Also if you are open to Indie games then I gave give you a lot of names.
Do you want stealth games in which you can complete entire games without killing anyone at all ??

As for Strategy games, they are again about making your empire and destroying others. I am pretty sure that you can bring down other's empire without killing their soldiers. Anyway here are few good ones
1. Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars (RTS)
2. Starcraft 2 WoL and HoS (RTS)
3. Civilization 5 (TBS)
4. World in Conflict (RTS)
5. Age of Empires 2 or 3


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As everyone suggested play portal series . If you want non - violent genre, then indie games are best . Gone home ( one of the best game of 2013) involve lot of exploring and is first person . Dear esther, rayman series , limbo( although it involve some brutual 2-d death),brother - a tale of two sons , sim series are few other game which is pretty good.


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These are all the non-voilent games which are on the top of my mind right now:

A Virus Named Tom
Anno 2070 (This **** is so relaxing and peaceful, especially the soundtrack <3)
Brothers - A tale of TWO Sons (Does have a little combat but very little)
Joe Danger 2: The Movie
Bittrip Presents Runner 2
Guns of Icarus online (You can be the engineer or captain if you dont want combat)
Antichamber (this will fack your mind up)
Cities XL Platinum (shitty game once u have played anno 2070)
Dirt 3
Euro Truck Simulator
World of Goo
The Swapper
Super Hexagon
Portal 1/2

Digital Fragger

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Portal series, QUBE, Inmomentum.

You could also try TF2 in low violence mode if you are ok with shooting people which turn into springs after you shoot em.


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You can perhaps find many of those in indie section. Ether One is a new release, and from the looks of it is mostly exploration and puzzle solving.

And maybe you can try one which I was going to ask about - Goat Simulator.
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any GTA. except missions which involves killing.
you can call backup or cops to do your dirty job in gta 4 & EfLC. same to some extent in GTA SA.
GTA SA is a lot more funny than any other gta (dialogs...).


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lol Goat Simulator is out? Thought it was just some people goofing off in a game jam.
Lili is on the verge of releasing for steam.
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