HP announces newChromebook and 14-inchAndroid laptop

shivam nema

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HP today anounced a new chromebook with a nice 11.4" screen ,powered by samsung processor.The display
has the same 1366 x 768 pixel
resolution seen on most
Chromebooks. It weighs in at 2.69
pounds and is just under an inch
thick.It comes with a 16GB storage and 2GB RAM which still indicating the low performance factor in chromebook's .HP is listing
battery life at 6.25 hours.

Like the Chromebook 14, the
Chromebook PC will come in different
colors, with turquoise and white
options initially available. HP says the
Chromebook PC will start at $249 for a
Wi-Fi model, and a version will built-in
3G is also in the works.
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