1. Skyh3ck

    Cardboard, VR Buying Query ??? Need Help and Suggestion

    Hello All I have a Lenovo A6000 Plus, Lenovo K3 Note and Redmi 1S in my home. I would like to get a new VR Cardboard to experience virtual reality games, videos etc. Now there are many Cardboard kits are available from as low as 200 to thousands of rupees. I have never used it earlier but...
  2. R

    Budget laptop under 30K

    1) Budget - 30K 2) Size - 14 inch or more and as light as possible. 3) Usage - 24x7 web browsing for entertainment purposes. 4) Configuration - - Windows NOT required. I have a copy. - minimum i3 4th gen would be preferred 5) Brands - Only...
  3. C

    Suggestion for tablets buying

    TO ALL TABLET BUFFS PLEASE GIVE ME SOME RELIABLE DECISION ON WHICH ONE OF FOLLOWING 10 TABLETS SHOULD I BUY:- 1) Apple iPad Air 2 WiFi 16GB 2) HTC Google Nexus 9 3) Apple iPad Air 16GB WiFi 4) Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition 5) Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 WiFi 6) Lenovo Yoga...
  4. R

    Good HDD Caddy for z50-70 (lenovo)

    Need to slot in a SSD on my Lenovo Z50-70. Having checked the specifications: 2.5-inch, 9.5 mm SATA HDD 9.0 mm internal optical drive (rambo) I'm pretty sure a 9.5 mm caddy will do. Since I've never done this before, could somebody confirm that? I found a few topics on lenovo...
  5. P

    [Query] RMA/Service Experience for Mobile Phones

    Anybody had an RMA or service center experience in Mumbai or any other city in India for the following brands : Motorola Lenovo Micromax YU Xiaomi InFocus LG Panasonic Any other brand where you got good service
  6. B

    Lenovo Z5070 with Ubuntu 15.04 doesnot wakeup after suspend

    Hi I have a Lenovo Z5070 running Ubuntu 15.04. It throws a blank screen while waking up from sleep and doesnot not allow resuming. Anyone else facing this issue?
  7. D

    lenovo k3 note discussion

    Hi, guys I created this thread for Lenovo k3 note.. Let me know about this phone problems, tips tricks.. Let's share..
  8. S

    Two phones for different Budgets.

    I need two different phones for my friends whose requirements and budget are different. 1)Budget: 8 - 8.5K Requirements. The phone should have a nice camera. The phone should have good internal memory since internal storage is a b***h when it comes to whatsapp and other apps which cannot...
  9. S

    Does anyone play games on Lenovo z50 laptop?

    Does anyone own a lenovo z50 with 840m 4GB? What real world framerates of games are you getting? Here are the frame rates of some games by notebookcheck.net - *www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-....105681.0.html I am curious about its real world performance.
  10. Ricky

    Delivery / Pincode Query Advice required for a phone as well views required about their delivery policy

    So, here is the thing today I faced on FK. Few days back, my younger sis orders Lenovo A7000 COD and was delivered to my address, now today I want to order Honor 4C (for its price as well camera in this range) and flipkart says its not deliverable in my area. I checked Lenovo A7000 , in morning...
  11. S

    4K Display Lenovo y50 available on Flipkart for 1,20,000 Rs ....... WTF!

    Here is the link - Lenovo Y50-70 Notebook (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 4GB Graph) (59-441908) vs Lenovo Y50 Notebook (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 4GB Graph) (59-441907): Compare Computers: Flipkart.com
  12. avichandana20000

    [Query] Lenovo...service centre for mobile

    Is there any SERVICE CENTER for LENOVO mobiles in KOLKATA? Lenovo Site is suggesting to buy online SOURCE and then again in News Lenovo Officials are saying that E-commerce sites are not authorised. SOURCE The customers are in the middle of the Cracked bamboo. Can any one clarify me on...
  13. R

    urgent: gonna buy my first laptop in 2 days

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 63000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? - heavy software usage, causal gaming 5) Any typical configuration...
  14. D

    Laptop Cooling Pad for Lenovo Z50

    Hey guys, My newly bought laptop Lenovo Z50 with 840M graphics card heats up pretty good while playing games. Suggest me some good cooling pads or stands that I can use to mitigate this overheating. My budget is around 1k to 1.5k Rs.
  15. sahil1033

    Decent rig still poor and slow system performance

    Recently nearly a week back I bought Lenovo G50-70 (59-442243) for 25k. It has a decent rig but still it performs very slow. At times, applications take up time to open which is just so unacceptable. I'm really fed up of non-responsiveness of system quite often. I am using Windows 8.1 Pro and...
  16. R

    Confused Between ULV & Normal Laptop Processor, Plz Help!!!!

    I am buying a new laptop and I will be primarily using it for Multimedia and Gaming. I have narrowed down to two HP laptops and one Lenovo Laptop with great Configurations that fit in my budget of 52k. But after i read about ULV processors and how they Bottleneck GPUs, I am now Confused. Please...
  17. TechnoBOY

    Lenovo's projector phone beams a touchscreen onto any surface

    Smartphones with built-in projectors -- well, just the two from Samsung, really -- haven't exactly been a huge hit so far, but Lenovo thinks it's finally got the right use case for this combination: beaming a touchscreen or virtual keyboard onto your desk. Announced at the Lenovo Tech World...
  18. sahil1033

    [Help] Budget laptop under 30k

    I need a budget laptop under 30k with moderate specifications. I have a desktop, so, I don't need high end laptop, just a mid range laptop for programming and light entertainment purposes. My preferences are: 1 TB HDD DOS Good keyboard (typing with ease, actually I had Lenovo E49 and it has...
  19. GhorMaanas

    [Urgent] Lenovo or MMX, with regards to service?!

    Hello! i need to buy a phone for my father. have chosen Lenovo A6000+ and MMX Yuphoria. the former is in my cart now. i would've liked to buy Yuphoria, but given the 'well-reputed' after-sales service of MMX, am being wary to buy it. service is an important factor, and my father prefers one...
  20. ramakanta

    Lenovo Desktop PC ??

    want to buy a lenovo desktop pc . budget 30k to 35k. please help me about which series and what model to buy.
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