Delivery / Pincode Query Advice required for a phone as well views required about their delivery policy


Cyborg Agent
So, here is the thing today I faced on FK. Few days back, my younger sis orders Lenovo A7000 COD and was delivered to my address, now today I want to order Honor 4C (for its price as well camera in this range) and flipkart says its not deliverable in my area. I checked Lenovo A7000 , in morning it was available in my area but now its not.. though if I use Delhi pin-code then its available.

And for both phones, WS-Retail is the seller ie. subsidiary of FK itself. And honor 4C is exclusive to FK only, now I have following choices..

1. Look into other phone which comes in 8K range, 2G RAM and good camera (4C fits well in all :()
2. Do we have any courier forwarding service in India like we Bongo international ?
3. Just vent out my anger on someone :p since can't think of anything else, I have to gift this phone so can't raise budget.. and that too in 3 days..
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