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Budget laptop under 30K


Broken In
1) Budget - 30K

2) Size - 14 inch or more and as light as possible.

3) Usage - 24x7 web browsing for entertainment purposes.

4) Configuration - - Windows NOT required. I have a copy.
- minimum i3 4th gen would be preferred

5) Brands - Only Dell > HP > Lenovo

6) Miscellaneous - I'm very particular about the build quality. Nothing else matters too much as this is a budget laptop.


Staff member
That model supposedly seems to be out of stock.

Instead, you can check Lenovo B40-80 (Notebook) (Core i3 4th Gen/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1) (80LS0015IH) Rs.29990 Price in India - Buy Lenovo B40-80 (Notebook) (Core i3 4th Gen/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1) (80LS0015IH) Black Online - Lenovo : Flipkart.com

Get it from paytm, 4000 cash back offer is there.

If the B490 were available, then it'd have matched your complete specification, which the newer model doesn't. Still, vouching to build quality (got 2 friends buy it), I can recommend it.
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