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  1. sumeet singh


    Hey ppl, Can anybody tell me if it possible to download or save video clips from Youtube?? If it is, then HOW?? Plzzz lemme know...:confused:
  2. spynic

    160GB HDD - 2200k?

    hey guys ne1 intrested in gettin a 160GB,7500rpm UltraATA HDD for 2400?? its used for 1 yr.. n another 4 yrs of warrany left.. i cant use it as i've upgraded my motherboard, so it doesnt support ATA HDD.. only sata.. n i need to get a sata.. lemme kno.
  3. sysfilez

    pls help restore my icon

    i dunno but somehow my d drive icon has changed to somewat like this. chek the pic. i want to restore it to look like others. pls help. also pls lemme know y this happened.
  4. sysfilez

    Proxy Server

    i m having 3 pcs running on xp sp2, i want to share my broadband connection to all of them. i have all the h/w needed. pls lemme kno the best proxy for this job.
  5. T

    multiple messenger service

    Did u any software which allows us to login multiple messenger services simultaneously on the same window? Do lemme know .....
  6. LegendKiller

    Nokia 6280,How good is it???

    Hi, i am planning to buy nokia 6280,for myself,i have done quite substantial amount of research on the web,but i really wanted guys who are using it to tell me how good is it.... also,i saw nokia 3250 in alfa,and seems to good..... plz lemme know about ur opinion....
  7. LegendKiller

    Help me with triband usage...

    i recently went and checked my triband usage... And it said qty.Billed(Mb)-1044.65631...... I don't get it.....plz lemme know...
  8. Charley

    Software reqd to convert small pix to large ones.

    I need softwares to convert/resize small pix/thumbnails to large ones[less resources softwares] Any, lemme know...... Pls gimme a link for the download too.
  9. D

    Sound Card (Need Help...!)

    1st of all, lemme tel u guys - u r doin a gr8 job! .. I wanted to kno which sound card would be ideal for me.. i'm basically a DJ and need to do a lot of voice recordings.. And also, require supreme audio quality for all the songs recorded n played.. My budget is a decent 7 - 8k.. Do u think...
  10. S


    hey ny of u know how to use bittorent?if u do lemme know
  11. T

    Windows Window

    Whenever a new window is opens its not directly maximized. is there n e option that whenever we open a new window it is by default maximized so that each time i do not have to click on the maximize icon lemme know!
  12. L

    GNU/Linux Goodies

    Can anyone plzzz tell me where can I buy GNu/Linux T- shirts / Tux soft-toys / Linux Caps , etc. If anyone knows about it plzz lemme know.
  13. Charley

    Free cricket games to download

    Any sites for free cricket downloads , files not too big in size.... Lemme know, :)
  14. F

    Realizm GFX cards

    Well I wanna select a Rock Hard GFX cards which can lemme play all the latest and future gen games so I had 6800Gt in my mind along with Athlon 64 3000+ (Socket 939) and nForce3 250GB ultra (Gigabyte Ga-K8NSNXP-939 or MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum) mobo. but now I hav changed my thoughts bout 6800GT...
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