1. T

    Guys M planning to build Pc nd budget is 50k to 60k INR

    Yea I would like to play recent games nd future games at least mid settings nd yes I do sum software related to mechanical like... Autocad, solid works, pro-e... Yea, my budget is 50k but let's goes till 60k INR no problems but the whole stuffs have to come below 60k only.. nd over clock, lol...
  2. newway01

    GTS 450 Graphics Card

    Hi, I'm looking for a GTS450 1Gb Card. Budget is 4.5k shipped. Someone got one up for sale, lemme know. Location: Kochi, Kerala.
  3. Plasma_Snake

    Need Courseware

    I looked around on NPTEL and MIT OCW but couldn't find decent material(videos to be precise) on the following topics: Software Architectures Advanced Operating System Advanced Compiler Design Pervasive Computing If u know any site from where I can get the vids for these...
  4. T


    Recently pondered upon a site called yummybay.com its an online food ordering site.. check it out and lemme know about the site
  5. C

    FS: Nokia 6600

    well got Nokia 6600 with extra battery + handsfree (original Nokia)+a body panel interested plp lemme know !!!! , me from aamchi mumbai
  6. C

    PIII for sale

    P III for sale socket processor P III ,800 Mhz, me from aamchi mumbai , interested ? lemme know .
  7. P

    2G and 3G mobiles

    Guys and all the techies present here..its a request..i have a paper presentation based on the above mentioned subject..can any one lemme know where will i find stuff regardin it..history,future,consequences and every technical and non technical thing.. please do help!! -------------- phoenixrulez
  8. tinku dhar

    Wich Sound Card To Get ?

    Im a Producer ... i need a nice Sound Card... Range till Rs 5000 Plz guys lemme know wat are the best SOUND CARDs ?
  9. Ishan

    HTC P3300 + Airtel Mobile Office

    Hey I am thinking to buy this phone...but wanted to know...if i can use Airtel mobile office/NOP in this Coz i heard that Airtel CC says...they dont have setting for this mobile.... Anybody have tried it using manual settings? Please lemme know..
  10. C

    help me with the best combination

    see i hv 2 machines.let me gv u their configs: (1st , 2nd) motherboard: MSI k8mmv , intel 845 gbsr processor : AMD sempron 2500 , intel P4...
  11. iinfi

    usb to usb cable .. can it be used to ...

    can a usb to usb cable be used for sharing internet betwn 2 PCs?? i do it with a LAN cable .. but plz lemme know whether it can be done with a usb to usb cable also thanks chk this link usb to usb cable
  12. Gigacore

    Suggest a 6k PC, quick.

    One of my funkiest friend wants to buy a basic PC at minimal performance. He has monitor, CD-RW, Floppy Drive, Keyboard, Mouse and speakers. Now all he wants is a decent core components within 6k! - I said its not possible, lemme see. So seeking help for u guys. He need to buy tomorrow...
  13. C

    .mkv files - split

    Hi. 1. I searched for mkv and cdnt find any post. If one compresses a Blu ray / HDDVD we get a .mkv file. Does anyone know of any splitting software, with which i can split a 8GB file in 2 parts , so that i can write the same on a DVD ??? 2. As i was posting this, if ne1 offhand...
  14. rahul.ims

    brain cracking puzzle...ne1 dare to solve it...

    Hi, Just click on this link n use ur common sence to navigate. It has 23 pages one after the other, starting from this first Page. The trick is to find a way to go to the next page. If u can really go to the 23rd page ur a genius in ur own respect :) So best of luck n keep clicking, tik...
  15. Dark Star

    Grub Lost!!!

    Hi all I was having Ubuntu only. Now my sis got a new phone and to see its Cd she installed windows now my grub is lost ... :(How can I re install the grub so that I can boot into Ubuntu and Xp both :mad: So plz lemme know soon :cool: If there are easy method then plz lemme know :p I know...
  16. Gigacore

    How to: Increase Website Traffic

    Hi Guys i've found a interesting guide from Wiki's How to, which tells how to get more traffic to a new website. Hmmm... this can also be used for blogs and forums too.... Lemme See
  17. C

    P III 800 Mhz

    heeyaaaaaaaaaa !!!!1 Well I got a P III 800 Mhz processor , if ane1 interested to buy lemme know you can mail me crazypal24x7@hotmail.com adios !!!!!!
  18. ashfame

    Office PC suggestions

    General Office PC needed : So guys suggest me a nice Office Applications performer! I have a very tight budget! So keep it under 10k! I am not aware of the prices so kindly lemme know sum nice cheap stuff. Processor, Mobo, 256MB RAM, 40/80GB HDD, CD-ROM, Cabinet, 15"/17"CRT, UPS, Keyboard &...
  19. mayanks_098

    dis is 1 heck of a funny vid...i love dis

    u gotta watch dis.im not bragging. c urslf... *rapidshare.com/files/29609004/bush___rice.wmv lemme kno if its nt wrkng also added on youtube *www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn1vY8SS09A
  20. C

    P III 800 Mhz for sale !!!!!1

    heeyaaaaa mates !!!!11 Vipul here !!!!! well if ane1 of ya want PIII 800 mhz processor lemme know ,can contact me on 9833068321
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