1. abhishek00990

    Please Help! I really need it!

    Guys, it's urgent. I booted up my pc running windows 7 ultimate this morning, and found that out of the four partitions there, the last partition-Partition F turned up completely blank- 117 GB free of 117 GB!:-o It was strange, last night there were hardly 30 GBs left. Only I know the password...
  2. Alok

    modding pc case for airflow

    Hey guys , i have a full size cheap case (say a full size iron-foil box) . It has some holes on left panel . Three fan space on back panel. One fan space is being used by my PSU (its corsair gs600, though its fan is inside down in my case.) i want it to mod for better airflow. Want to...
  3. kg11sgbg

    Problem in Firefox Browser

    I have updated to Firefox 13.0.1 in Windows 7 ,but a peculiar problem is cropping up. The Home page is set to Google ,new tabs also have speed dial successfully installed. When the browser opens,the page contents shifts towards the RIGHT side of the Monitor,truncating half of the page...
  4. C

    Problem with low resolution in games

    I want to play games on low resolution to get better FPS but whenever i set it to resolutions like 1024x786, the game screen doesn't occupy the whole monitor, and there is a lot of space left on the left and right side of screen. I've tried with 2-3 games, and got the same result. While...
  5. G

    HP Pavilion G6 2005AX Review and Benchmarks

    HP Pavilion G6 2005 AX Review Story so far: My hunt for a laptop started many months ago (feb-2012). Initially I was looking for one within a Budget of Rs.24,000 +/- 2k . You can find my initial query here I was not in an immediate rush to by as my 6yr old desktop was still going strong! So...
  6. sharang.d

    Need help with Cooling related queries

    For all the queries consider the following configuration: Processor| Intel Core i5-2500k Motherboard |GIGABYTE GA-zZ7x-ud5h-wb wifi CPU Cooler | Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Graphics Card| SAPPHIRE HD 7850 OC 2GB GDDR5 RAM |Corsair value select 2x4 GB DDR3 1333 Mhz Power Supply Unit |...
  7. maninder4k

    [For Sale] Quantum 8 Port 10/100M Desktop Switch

    1. Model number and details: QHM8208RA-HOB 8 Port 10/100 Mbps Switch 2. Date of purchase: Between Jan-Mar 2011 (Don't know Exactly) 3. Reason for sale: Already have Wifi Router 4. Warranty details: No Warranty Left! 5. Expected Price: Rs 250 + Shipping Charges 6. Location of Seller...
  8. T

    Phantom 410 with HX 750

    Here is My Updated Config: NZXT Phantom 410 White Zotac 560Ti Cosair HX 750 and Rest is in Sig. Images Loaded to *picasaweb.google.com/109666383366067125993/April292012 I can Post more if some once has any queries or requirements. Small Review: 1. USB 3 to USB 2...
  9. CommanderShawnzer

    suggest me a cooling pad

    suggest me a cooling pad.config is in siggy budget is from rs500-3000 my laptop has a vent on the left side though all heat is concentrated in the centre
  10. T

    HP woes..

    i use a three month old hp pavillion g6-1118TX- ( core i5, 4GB DDR3,650HDD, radeon graphics, win7 ultimate).. The hard disk failed recently and had to be replaced.. almost instantaneously after the left speaker stopped working...Is this any power/board problems causing these failures...? Or are...
  11. S

    Graphics Card Under 8.5k Max !!!

    Hi all.. Please suggest me a graphics card under 8k or 8.5k max.. I will be playing multiplayer like BF3 and Cod4 so i want atleast 50 to 60fps in intense fighting scenario in bf3 if possible.. I will be playing @ 1360*768 resolution. My specs are i know its not enough but i will...
  12. @

    Nokia 5233, still some warranty left

  13. M

    Best Sound Card @5k Budget PCI-E x4 compactible.

    Hi Guys i am looking to get some good sound out from my pc. As i had Dual GPU setup almost pci and x1 cards are consumed as well blocked. I have one x4 third slot left and could use this for the audio card. So i want a card to utilize/compatible with this slot. Please suggest a good card...
  14. P

    senneheiser CX 300 II half dead

    guys the left ear bud of my trusty sennheiser CX 300 II just went dead today. i dont know what to do :'( . the right one is working just fine. theres is no sound at all from the left one. i tried to adjust the jack to see if there was a loose connection but nothing. totally silent. anybody know...
  15. arun garg

    which 24'' led to buy

    i want to buy either Dell ST2420L or Samsung S23A350H. Suggest me which one should i buy. I have only three days left to buy .
  16. TheLetterD

    Tinnitus , possible cause In-Ear headphones

    Hello Im not sure if this is the Correct place to post Health issues, as I am aware this is not a health-forum I make a diary of the medical problems I face from time to time, I copy pasted it so Please ignore incorrect sentence formation. I bought my EP 660s in December and have been using...
  17. aniket.cain

    [For Sale] Klipsch X10i, Brainwavz M3, Samsung Galaxy Pro

    1. Klipsch Image x10i IEMs in excellent condition 1. Model number and details: Klipsch Image X10i IEMs 2. Date of purchase: March 2011 3. Reason for sale: Don't use it anymore 4. Warranty details: 14 months left 5. Expected Price: Rs. 6000 (Including shipping) 6. Location of Seller...
  18. V

    Off center display

    i installed dirt3 a couple o days ago. It seemed to be working fine initially but then the display suddenly went off center an in it shifted an inch to the left! leaving a blank black patch on the right. Apart from that, I am able to play the game normally. My background(wallpaper et all) ave no...
  19. M

    Samsung galaxy Fit White Warranty left

    Hi guys i am selling sparingly used galaxy fit white one . its almost new and very Negligible scratches at the edges. MRP:11,000 Bought at:10500 Warranty left 10 months closely Ready to ship outside city. Currently at chennai. Expected price:6800+Shipping Box and all accessories available.
  20. bajaj151

    Logitech mx518 PROBLEM

    I bought mx518 4 months back... From last 2 days...clicking on left button is not smooth as it was.. What should I do ?
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