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  1. bukaida

    BSNL UDAAN site-- A nobel effort going to sleep again by the work culture of employees ?

    BSNL had launched the UDAAN project with lots of promises. This is suppose to apply for a new broadband / change of existing plan online. The site assures that the complain/query will be handled within 7 days else you may complain against the LEAD. The copy of the query goes to all sort of...
  2. rajatGod512

    CNN Reprts On Video Games Lead to Voilence

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blH3Shg3nX8 DUH!!!
  3. R

    Mumbai: Cost of Living, Salary Index

    For a prospect friend of mine who is considering some job opportunities in Mumbai, I had the following questions. (Of course, exact costs will vary widely depending on the locality and the negotiations involved etc., but please state average/trending figures if you can). For a husband and...
  4. N

    Windows Phone Developer lead leaves for Amazon's Kindle team

    Brandon Waston, WP developer lead quits MS. Yes. the guy who offered free WP to those telling horrible droid stores. When people quit all of sudden from interesting projects it sends some kind of signal...(+ve or -ve..your take) Windows Phone developer lead leaves for Amazon's Kindle team |...
  5. Krow

    Goodbye Powerpoint presentations!

    Welcome Prezi! Check it out -----> here! It allows you to create zooming, rotating, sliding presentations. I used this for a presentation in college and everyone was awestruck. WARNING: Overdoing may lead to distraction of audience. :) Check this prezi out - Mixing Mind and Metaphor by...
  6. P

    Looking for Moderators for a mobile community with 29K members

    Hello, I am looking for a group of indian moderators who can lead a cell phone forum with 29K members. I hope you all know what a moderator is, u will be doing the same in my forum lead the members, teach and control noobies... Please PM me if interested or mail prodemon @ gmail . com...
  7. NewsBytes

    Beware: Apple iPad searches poisoned to lead to malware

      The Apple iPad, Apple’s latest release has received rather mixed opinions from both experts and followers; it has, nevertheless succeeded in getting a lot of public attention.   Hackers have found a way to use the iPad’s popularity for their own benefit - launching a Black hat...
  8. jxcess3891

    King of Hollywood Comedy

    I just watched this funny movie, Big Stan which has Rob Schneider in the lead role. Rob Schneider has played lead roles in a lot of other funny movies like the animal, the bench warmers, etc. But so do Jim Carey, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy and so on. So I just want to know, who does the digit...
  9. Chandal

    Please Please Please Help!!!

    I have darkened the wrong circle of my name in the title page of my CBSE chemistry booklet today. I have showed it to the superintendent and he corrected it by using a whitener and Idarkened the right circle again. Will it lead to cancellation of my paper. Please Please help me. I am really...
  10. pr.itdude

    Do we need an "old aged" PM ??????

    As loksabha election dates are approching day by day.......the campaigning of all the parties have also been swinging speedly..... NDA is representing Sh L.K Advani as the candidate for Prime Minister. Now in todays scenario, where the aam admi is looking for a change, change or revolution...
  11. JojoTheDragon

    John Abraham For Prince Of Persia!!

    SOURCE Everyone is excited about the forthcoming film based on the video game, Prince of Persia. It is known that Michael Bay is working on the film, but the full cast of the Prince of Persia is not known as yet. However, Mumbai tabloid Mid Day is reporting that Bollywood actor John Abraham will...
  12. K

    DVD not getting burned

    Hi All, Its seems I am getting all tehprblems with my hardware this week. In my desktop I am using samsung dvd writer. When I am trying to burn a dvd I getting 'Lead In' or 'Lead Out' error. Else suddenly burning it will give an error '(new of the vdd writer) reset illegal disc'...
  13. Most Wanted

    Urgent help virus!

    Every time while i try to open any folder this error occured: And it tries to carry out me on this site: http://ie-antivirus.com/download.php. Please urgent help me. I have uses all antivirus and antispywares, ccleaner but no help
  14. BBThumbHealer

    Connecting A Cassette Tape Music Deck To PC ?

    Hi Guys , I am having an Antique Sanyo Cassette Tape Music Deck which is of no use now , but its speakers are quite powerful ! I wud lyk to ask u ppl whether is it possible to connect that deck with my pc and avail the enjoyment of the speakers ? here are a few pics of the speaker leads and...
  15. A

    any lead guitarist out there help mee

    please tell me where i can learn lead guitar on internet. and give the software name from which i can learn. and give links for those softwares or sites . thanks in advance
  16. blueshift

    Help-Session fixation error

    My CD writer is going mad. Whenever I write CDs, it reaches upto 100% and when it is showing 'Lead in and Lead out', it gives me Session fixation error. I didn't get this problem earlier. Sometimes it even occurs at 50-7-% when I write video CDs. Help needed seriously.
  17. ax3

    Free Templates needed ! ! !

    any good site where i can find FREE website templates ??? anybody downloading ........ cant find on GOOGLE ....... all lead 2 pay templates .........
  18. P

    please helppppppp. urgent hepl needed on distributed OS

    hi, can any one please tell me the names of any 2 global scheduling algorithms that lead to "Processor Trashing"? and the method over come them. please reply is very urgent....... help help... thank you.
  19. N

    CS:CZ how to lower da pings

    Is der anyway to lower da ping as we play in wan we get disturbed servers which lead to bad quality of game play pls help
  20. bharathbala2003

    AMD Losing Some Metal

    AMD has begun offering microprocessors with reduced lead content to customers worldwide, nearly a year in advance of the regulatory deadline. The company claims that for several years it has been striving to reduce the lead content of its PC processor and chipset products and move to...
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