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  1. R

    Internet Connection from PC to SE Arc Mobile

    hi frnds, how can i connect to internet from my lappy by creating a wifi hot spot and accessing to my lappy net connection via wifi. the functionality is present in macbook, but can it be done in windows xp even.
  2. annie_xtremegamer

    a lappy for mumma..mobility preferred under 50 k

    hi friendz want to buy a lappy extremely portable..n having a good config too...plz reply soon ...
  3. B

    Laptop Battery Problem

    Hello All My Acer Aspire 5745G has been bugging me for 2-3 days actually i went out of station for a week and when i came back my battery has been discharging very fast. When i open the lappy in 12hrs the battery is ok but when i open the lappy almost 24 hrs the battery drops to nil and i...
  4. D

    Laptops for Diwali

    my sister needs a lappy for college this year and please suggest a laptop for her. suggest something which is not much costly and shouldn't be more powerful than dv6 coz i'm planning to get a dv6-6121tx or 6165tx for myself very soon. :evil: below are requirements of lappy for my sis. 1) What...
  5. A

    Thinking of buying Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN/W. Any Thought Guys

    Hi guys I am thinking of buying Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN/W, market price in 30K. Have any use this lappy. any thought about performance and battery life. This lappy is for basic use like MS-Office, internet and movies. VPCEH25EN : E Series : VAIO™ Laptop & Computer : Sony India Waiting fro...
  6. B

    A notebook cooler for Dell inspiron 1520

    I know Dell Inspiron 1520 is a WAY backdated model with pathetic airflow design, that's y I want a suggestion. My bro has this junk and it has already crashed few times due to overheating(when air inlet vents are at the bottom side & u place ur lappy on bed, that happens :p ). So a cooling pad...
  7. C

    Wanted Suggestions for 70k lappy

    Hey Guys !!! i have to get a lappy within today evening or by tomorrow morning. Budget is 70k and it is flexible. Requirements are gaming and entertainment. suggestions invited for both travelling and non travelling genres. is there any problem in dell lappy, like frequent breakdown sort of...
  8. Ashok Verma

    buying lappy under 30k

    hi friends, i'm planning to buy a lappy under 30k. i prefer atleast the following configurations: Core i3 512 MB Graphics i've seen SONY VAIO VPCEH25EN and Samsung RV518 plz help:smile:
  9. techking_dinesh

    Laptop not booting + no wifi

    Hello, My laptop : HP pavillion tx1003au tablet Warranty : Over Already purchased : New battery and new adapter ( charger ) Already Done : 3 Full format 1. Vista itself 2. windows 7 3. Windows xp everything is fine in device manager Problem: 1. On turning the laptop on , only...
  10. techking_dinesh

    windows 7 lappy not booting

    Hello, I have a tablet of HP it had vista originally but i had a strange problem where my full charged battery would run down in 5 mins and my lappy wont boot up without the charger plugged in ( did nt run on battery ) so i formatted and installed win7 as its better i gt d message dat my...
  11. montsa007

    Laptop from UK for Gaming?

    Friend of mine is coming from UK in December. What lappy can i look for under 500 GBP (Used Ok) for gaming?
  12. B

    Notebook cooling pad for Acer Aspire 5740

    I own an Acer Aspire 5740 laptop. I need a laptop cooler of suitable design. (price not to exceed 500INR). Will upload a pic if needed. Also I must mention that it has no vent at the bottom side of the laptop. The air input vent is near the rear side of the touchpad and the air output vent is...
  13. deepak_ds

    Laptop features and their prices

    I want to get a lappy this year. I want it to have a GDDR5 graphics in it. A core i3/i5 would do. An AMD Processor is also ok. Processor should be of min 2.4Ghz. A webcam. My Budget is 35k-40k. Suggest one. And would it be good if I look for a lappy exactly after a year instead?
  14. A

    tweak router setting to prioritize LAN over Wi-Fi

    Hi! I use BSNL VMC AN1020-21 (type 2) modem for my desktop and lappy. Desktop(this one) is connected via LAN, and lappy by Wi-Fi. Since the desktop is mostly used for downloading purpose, and the lappy for browsing, i need some trick to increase/prioritize the bandwidth allocated for LAN...
  15. A

    A new laptop for 40k

    I need to purchase a new lappy with some good GPU... most of my work will be related to video editing and sound editting, I will also play some latest dx11 title on the lappy. It should have a decent bttry backup and decent build quality. I am very much confused by so many choices. Plz help...
  16. utkarsh007

    Buying a new lappy in about 45k

    Hey i wanna buy a new lappy with the following config: i5 about 2.9GHz 4 GB DDR3 ram atleast 500GB HDD 15" Screen Win 7 (not a necessity) 1gb Graphic card (prefarably which may get over clocked) Good battery backup Experience index: about 5.9 or more Companies: Dell or sony vaio...
  17. saswat23

    Laptop Coolers under 3k.

    My friend has DELL Inspiron 15R N5010. He wants a good laptop cooler stand under 3k. Plz suggest some good models. The stand must be able to hold a 17inch lappy too.
  18. R

    URGENT BUYING by tomorrow 2pm

    need a laptop requirements i am a gamer & want the lappy to atleast run fifa13 when it releases budget 40000-50000 what should i buy sorry for the noob questions but this is my 1st lappy so not much idea abt the rest
  19. nilanko

    SIM card slot in lappy

    There's a SIM card slot under my dad's lappy (ThinkPad L412). I have to unscrew and then remove a small cover which reveals the slot. I took out my mom's cell's SIM and inserted it into the lappy and switched it on. Unfortunately nothing happened...no 'new hardware' detected....nothing. Why is...
  20. I

    Advice for pirchasing a lappy upto 70k

    Hi guys I would like to buy a lappy nd can spend 70k on a lappy. I have currently selected this current config. Dell XPS 15 i7 2630qm Nvidia 525 1gb 8gb (2*4) Duel channel Ram 720p screen 9cell Battery backlit keyboard etc 750 gb HDD The config is costing 63k nd i get 5% student...
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