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  1. joshi_ban

    Formatting the Lappy

    Dear Friends, I have IBM Notebook. It doesnt has any CD rom and it doesnt has any partation. Why i m stating this is because i want to format my Laptop. I m facing some problem with my Win XP, so i want to format and re-install the operating system Can u guys please help me how to format...
  2. C

    aom multiplayer

    hey frnds.i have crackes AOM in my lappy..my frnd also have a lappy nad AOM installed in it.. we wanted to play with each other using our 56/K modem. is it possible to connect each other through a phone cable and play?? pls someone help me..:(
  3. the.kaushik

    help me to buy my lappy..

    Friends help me to buy my lappy.. criteria that should be included.. >> As light weight as possible. >> Screen size may be small no problem >> Dual core processor preferable quadri core >> Upgrade possible( like ram and hd ) >> lappy should be of reputed brand whose showroom can be...
  4. vasulic

    hpdj00.exe application error

    hi guys, I recently removed my Hp Printer from my lappy , when i reboot my lappy the following error message appear how to fix this? hpdj00.exe application error - the instruction at "0x0012e731" referenced memory at"0x00050001".The memory could not be written
  5. Ishan

    lappy budget=Rs. 1 Lac...suggest the best

    lappy budget=Rs. 1 Lac...suggest the best My friend wants to buy a Laptop..he belongs to rich family and want to spend abt 1 Lac on his laptop..plz help...with the config..it will be gr8 if he gets the suggestion till today night. __________________
  6. din

    Moving data from PC to Lappy - Which is the best method ?

    Scenario I need to move data from PC to Lappy frequently. Basically 3 folders 1. Emails - total will come to about 3 GB 2. Data, web files - total will come to about 3 GB again 3. Other misc files - about 500 MB max Whenever I am on a trip, I need to transfer the data to lappy. For...
  7. C

    Toshiba Laptop support in INDIA

    Hi Guys, I brought Toshiba tecra A4-S313 from US. Now want to have some support from HCL.The lappy is under warranty and HCL provide warranty in INDIA for toshiba lappy. Has anybody tried their support? How the HCL people deal with toshiba lappy customer ? Any ideas Thanks
  8. N

    how to connect pc to lappy thru Lan

    how to connect pc to lappy thru Lan ?? pls tell step by step procedure ..
  9. mohit

    Which lappy ? (50-58k) [urgent]

    a girl friend of mine ...a friend who is a girl ..lol... needs to buy a lappy n asked me to help her out .. she will be buying the lappy frm bangalore mostly and her budget is like 50-55-58k . she will be using it basically for surfing n college work (presentations n all) n a lil bit of gaming...
  10. prankie

    XP activation prob!!!

    I have an acer travelmate 370 laptop... it came preinstalled with windows xp professional (oem version). few days ago, i formatted my system and had to reinstall the OS (pirated one) coz i didnt get any cd with the lappy.. but i have that sticker pasted on the back of lappy (with serial no.)...
  11. G

    Lappy Lappy Time...!!

    Hey Everyone!! Iam planning to buy a new laptop... budget wud be around 40-45k.. main criteria wud be > 15.0 or 15.4" screen size 512Mb RAM 40GB HDD and ofcourse shud have good after sales support here in India! sahara/gigabyte are out of my mind.. lenovo is a lil too costly...
  12. T

    lappy for around 60 to 70k

    After a lot of research here and other sites.. I bought my desktop PC 2 months ago... I hope you guys remember me ;) Now i am looking to buy a lappy for myself :) I want Good performance, good looks and good backup.. Now the basic spec requirement is.. 1) Pentium M atleast 1.7 Ghz...
  13. E

    how to remove scratch mark from my lappy

    Hi guys can somebody tell me how can i remove a scratch mark from my lappy (Dell inspiron 6000). it is with artic silver coating....i m in pune, it wd b great if anyone suggest the shop & price for any solution.
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