1. T

    Pros of PHP

    Why is PHP a good language & how is it better than other most used languages [except for the reason that it is free]?
  2. Satissh S

    Language of Virus Writers

    Can somebody explain me in what languages the viruses are written? The Fasttrack book was nice! But I wan't to know whether it's the conventional c ,c++ are the languages used for writing viruses. Do the virus programmers put the replicating code inside an infinite( for) loop!?Somebody explain...
  3. T

    programming languages compared

    Ok, here's something i think may be of a lot of help to some is a list of the pros and cons of some of the programming languages used by developers that i came across on the net.the list is by no way exhaustive and may have inaccuracies,and so it will of great help if other forum...
  4. Yoda

    Need Arabic Language for Win XP Professional. where can I ge

    hi, The problem is I have a .rar file which is password Protected. But the password is in Arabic. I copied and pasted it but no use. WinRAR says password is incorrect. the password : منتديات نبع العرب in arabic i dont know it can be work with. To change the Language from English to...
  5. F

    AMD 'n' Pentium Blues ------------

    I've finally decided 2 buy a new comp, I'm a HARDCORE GAMER and surf the net, apart from using couple of prog languages, I read quite a few articles bout this, but i guess first hand info from users is more useful.
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