1. tamatarpakoda

    Writers/Interns needed for Devworx

    Attencion Attencion! Do you like programming? More importantly, do you like writing about programming? Do you fancy making a quick buck while you're at it? Well, we're looking for folks who can write about IoT, Big Data, Analytics and anything that's hip and happening in the Open Source...
  2. A

    Importance of ‘C’ language and reasons to use it.

    Importance of ‘C’ language C language is a famous programming language due to its qualities. Some qualities are: 1. It is robust language whose rich setup of built in functions and operator can be used to write any complex program. 2.Program written in C are efficient due to several variety...
  3. Cyberghost

    English as the primary language in India?? Read Inside

    As per title make English as the default language for all states in India, currently in India a person has to learn 3 languages inorder to communicate the people(state language,Hindi and English). But it will be useless if he/she moves into another state. So I suggest to remove Hindi and all...
  4. A

    Which Programming Language to Learn?

    In today's date career of web programmer or web developer is on peak, but at same time there are many programming languages which are coming to market and web programmer need to keep himself/herself up to date with latest technology. So i wanna ask if one has to start fresh career in web...
  5. Skyh3ck

    Indian Language support on Windows 7, Linux, Facebook How to type ????

    hi friends how can i install indian languages on my linux and windows 7 computer mainly gujarati, Hindi and marathi languages and how can then i type in those languages on facebook and online forums
  6. Vyom

    New Programming Language, "D" : Combination of Speed of C++ and Simplicity of Modern Language

    Before you dismiss this language as "just another language" I recommend to give the article a read. It sounds promising. Also, I created this article in "Programming" section rather than in News section, because of obvious reason. Link: The Next Big Programming Language You?ve Never Heard Of |...
  7. M

    game development languages during

    i am studying B.Tech. in IT in punjab. i want to be a game developer and develop huge console or windows games like battlefiels, assassin creed etc. but before that i am doing for securing my future. i have a good c++ skills and in coming month i will be doing core java. so i want to...
  8. R

    Help me in choosing suitabe branch for engineering

    hello everyone, i am really confused in between computer science and information technology.let me tell you about my qualification i am having certificate in CEH(Certified ethical hacking),CHNA(Computer Hardware & Networking Administration),learned website designing too and know every basic...
  9. H

    A primer to Boo meant for somebody who has already spent a fair amount of time programming?

    I am considering developing my latest project in Unity and I thought it would be a good idea to give Boo a try at the same time. The main problem is that the boo documentation and primers are meant for people who have had little experience programming. Languages I enjoy programming with...
  10. A

    how to know that an indian software company is "product based"?

    how can any one know that a particular indian company is "product based" or "services based"? how can any one know the programming languages used by any company without being in the company!!!
  11. A

    how to know that an indian software company is "product based"?

    how can any one know that a particular indian company is "product based" or "services based"? how can any one know the programming languages used by any company without being in the company!!!
  12. clmlbx

    better ide .. editor

    alternatives of sublime and Dreamweaver.. I want an editor which ahs features like sublime ..that supports most languages most important feature auto-complete words/ syntaxes.
  13. clmlbx

    sites for practicing computer languages (programming)

    hey guys I remember a while back there were sites that had problems which we could solve by any languages known.. I can't remember the name of sites can someone help.. I need to practice.. I am programmer by hobby not by profession so if I don't practice I will forget currently I need to...
  14. cyber

    placement questions ?

    please post questions asked during campus placements in the field of electronics,questions related to programming languages by core and management companies.
  15. N

    Want to make a music player app.

    Hello everyone. I am currently in the 12th and now my exams are over and I have 3 empty months, without anything to do. I had always thought of making a software in this 3 months and so I want to develop a software in this 3 months. I only know basic C programming and some of html/javascript...
  16. ajayritik

    Print internet text after converting it from English to some other language

    There is some content over the internet in English which I would want to be translated to one of the Indian languages so that I can take a print which can be read by family member. Can someone help me on this.
  17. J

    Can you please suggest me the right path for being a software\IT professional ?

    Dear Friends I am a B.Tech student , when I started my engineering course I had the feeling that it would be the education of mine that the IT companies wanted and our syllabus is just the right one. But now I feel its not the right path by any means. People from IT industry whom I know...
  18. N

    Want to become a web developer

    I want to become a web developer but i only know html and css..I am a newbie in this area and i see lot of other languages like asp,,php,pearl,ajax etc..I have no idea what is used for what purpose:( can anyone help me to understand the purpose of these languages??
  19. S

    Firewall : which language to use ?

    I would like to do Firewall(the one like COMODO) as my final year project. The thing is i have read that it is not possible using C#. Is that so ? I cant use Java too ? How about Visual C++ ? Any other suitable languages ?
  20. 047

    help in making career in games !!!

    HI all.... i want to make my career in gaming industry... i hv done MCA and have good command on c and java. But i want to know what languages and level of these languages are required in game development. i am also thinking about learning 3Ds MAx or MAYA for character modelling. will it help...
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