1. scavanger007

    which web language next?

    Friends, I just learnt XHTML and CSS. Since it is the most basic web programming language to be learnt, it was easy to choose it from the rest of the other languages. But now I m confused:?: that which should be the next language that I should approach. Also if you all can sequence the rest of...
  2. sridatta

    Google launches Transliteration IME

    Google Transliteration Input Method (IME) Google has recently launched an offine tool for typing in Indian languages. Currently available only for windows platform. The description in the website says Guys! Try this out and post the replies using the tool !!! Download
  3. Gauravs90

    Google Go: An Open-Source Programming Language

    Google's dominated search, online document collaboration, e-mail, telephony, and more, so why not programming? The tech giant has announced its own open-source, object-oriented programming language, called Go. "Go combines the development speed of working in a dynamic language like Python...
  4. TheHumanBot

    Why All the Programming Languages are in English?

    guys i want to know why all the programming languages are in english why not our regional languages or any other languages 8) i can only see one reason for that and its becoz first computer creators are english 8)
  5. ritesh.techie

    How To: Identify a Language of a webpage or app

    Most of the free translations services available online ask you to select the language you want to translate a text from. This means that if you don't know what language it is you can not translate it in your language Using LangID you can know in which language a text was written and then use...
  6. NewsBytes

    Google Docs gets translation feature; and Google Translate supports more languages

    Writing up a whole document in Hindi using either the Google Transliteration tool or a Devnagri font is a tedious task for those who are used to writing in English. I have had two instances where I had to do the same and by the end of it, I didn't want to look at a keyboard for a whole day.  ...
  7. T

    C# vs vb vs vs java vs vc++ vs php vs vs vc++?

    Hello everyone! I am currently doing DOEACC A Level. I am about to finish it. I need to do a project in order to complete the level. but i am confused about in which language to do the project. Since I have to learn any of these languages so i am considering all the languages. These are- VB...
  8. Liverpool_fan

    Better Fonts for Indic Languages

    Can you suggest how can I set good fonts for Indic languages in Arch Linux? I remember I had Ubuntu some while ago and it had really good looking fonts for Hindi.
  9. Rajneesh

    what should i learn to be a web developer? Plz help

    Hi friends I want to be a professional web developer. I am absolute beginner in this field. I learned only HTML, (XHTML). I searched the net for what languages and software I should learn and found.. (1) (X)HTML (2) CSS (3) PHP (4) MYSQL (5) JAVA SCRIPT And adobe...
  10. R

    English Wordlist

    Hey folks, i been searching in internet for the past 2 weeks for a complete word list of English language. Also i am in need of a site that can give some nice translation support for Indian Languages. Google Translate and Babelfish in Yahoo provides support for International Languages...
  11. frederick_benny_digit

    what languages to learn ?

    im doing my 3rd yr engineering n was wondering if u guys cud tell me what languages i could learn which would not put much extra burden on me n also help me look gud in my CV :D i presently know c,c++,matlab. was thinking maybe some web designing may help...just need something that can be...
  12. T

    help needed (urgent)

    hi ... im want to make social networking site for my college. i want certain features like scraping ,mailing nd display of live nodes. can anyone help me out as to how i should begin with this wat all languages would be required ??? will it be possible to make the entire site in dreamweaver...
  13. P

    which are the programming languages of future.....

    hi friends..... well, i just wanted to know which are the programming languages to look forward to considering the future of programming...... there are just too many programming languages, some small some more advanced. though the syntax of most of the popular languages remains the same but...
  14. iatb.gourav

    Laptop Query !

    Hii friends ! I'll be buying my 1st laptop in a couple of months. (I know that I started off this thread quite early). But, being a layman at these things, I thought to take the advise from you all. As I'll be doing a B Tech course on Computer Science & Engineering, I'll be using...
  15. T

    Gmail Email Now Available In Most Indian Languages

    SOURCE You’ve seen Gmail in Hindi but now this popular email program from Google is available in all major languages of India including اردو (Urdu) , मराठी (Marathi), हिन्दी (Hindi), বাংলা (Bangla), ગુજરાતી (Gujarati), ଓଡିଆ (Oriya), தமிழ் (Tamil), తెలుగు (Telugu), ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada) and മലയാളം...
  16. remrow

    problem with languages on certain websites!!

    You see when i open a website with multiple languages like google then i by default go to the hongkong version of that website. ie. How did this happen?? I have no any data in my PC about hongkong and i have not set any of details to hongkong. Plz help me set the default language...
  17. trublu

    Suggest prog. language

    I'm a 2nd yr Electrical & Electronics Engg. student.I have learnt C and C++ .I want to know which prog. languages i shud learn this summer,which wud b of good use during campus recruitment.
  18. L

    website for books

    Friends can any one of you tell me where can i get free programming books and also latest news on programming languages
  19. praka123

    Find your aptitude- Programming Language Selector See the Language Selector for a test to see what languages you might be interested in learning. available LANG options: Assembly C C++ Erlang Forth Fortran Java Lisp Perl PHP Python Ruby Shell
  20. ::cyborg::

    ::::career Help Plz Plz::::

    HI GUYS ::cyborg:: here iam really confused i need to ask that what are tha latest technologies to make grip so that i can get a job can u tell me some languages to go which really have bright future and will be in demand in future i personally have chosen oracle as the backend...
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