1. Ecko

    Orkut Introduces New Languages

    Orkut has recently added new language support of its users Indian IE & Firefox Users can see that when they login
  2. Sykora

    The Programming Contests, Challenges and Online Judge Thread.

    Since we have quite a few knowledgeable programmers and more than a few budding programmers, I thought it'd be useful if we had a thread on programming challenges and the like. In general, Contests are usually played out between participants in realtime.Challenges are mostly formats where...
  3. iMav

    MS's own version of Autopatcher

    After the thorough bashing and ppl up in arms against MS for closing Autopatcher and the war that followed here also MS has a lil gift for u ppl .... An iso version for the updates they have released till date: Link Download Size:378.2 MB It contains the following updates: KB928365 /...
  4. Y

    plz help me about these viruses

    when ever i right click any drive it shows some other languages in open explorer options how can i remove this virus
  5. K

    Flickr Goes International With 7 Languages

    Flickr, the popular online photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo Inc., said on Monday it is moving to further internationalize its service by creating versions in seven major languages besides English. The three-year-old service, which was founded in Vancouver, Canada by the husband-and-wife team...
  6. cynosure

    Computer Languages.

    Hi there guys, This year I finished off my 12th so no pressure of studies or something for another 3-4 months. Since my exams are over now and i have loads of time to spare I wish to learn some computer languages. I want to make games:D:D:cool: when I am done with my higher education;) so I want...
  7. jatt

    opera mini problem in nokia 6600

    Friends I have downloaded opera mini browser on my nokia 6600 but it does not connect What I have to do settings for it please tell me can opera mini supports hindi and Punjabi languages please answers me thanks in advacne
  8. R

    3000+ Linux/Unix programming texts and tutorials

    A list of freely available documents (i.e. tutorials, books, guides, reference manuals, etc.) for learning how to program in various languages as well as about various Linux and UNIX related topics. have a dekho. It is well worth the effort.
  9. ::cyborg::

    Oracle Query

    hi guys i want to ask that i want to do oracle my questions are: 1) which stream to chose the developer track or the dba track (which will have the highest payings? ;-)) 2) are there any languages used in oracle 9i? 3) is the demand good for oracle in market 9i?
  10. nil_3

    Optical Character Recognition in Indian regiuonal languages.

    Whether there is any Optical Character Recognition software in Indian regional languages, say Bengalee. Also, Whether the ABBY Finereader can be used in any way to do it.
  11. M

    *** Online Certificate courses ***

    frinds, i need ur urgent help i wanna know any official website that provides online and worldwide certification course for the following languages: c c++ java visual studio plz help............. its really urgent...... wishes
  12. eagle_y2j

    what languages should i learn?

    Hey everyone, I m new to programming. I have dabbled in XHTML and CSS previously, for recreational uses, but recently decided to dive into programming as a career, and joined BCA and I am halfway through the WROX book "Web Programming with HTML, XHTML and CSS" and i want to know where to go...
  13. src2206

    Online programing training

    Hi, In one of the back issues of DIGIT I found out about a site which imparts free training on certain languages. Is there any site where I can learn programing languages like C/ C++ etc? Please inform. Thank you
  14. S

    Ocr For Hindi To Use With Scanner Umax Astra 3600

    Could Somebody Guide Me To Procure Good Reliable Ocr For Hindi And If Possible Other Indian Languages
  15. fanatic

    algorithm maker

    does anyboy know of a program in which we just put piece of code and it can make an algorithm of the code and would also like to know if anybody here knows how to make algorithm and are familiar with programming languages thanks in advance
  16. william

    Computer Hacking

    How to do computer havking or network hacking without the much knowledge of programming languages?
  17. M


    Hi All can anybody tell me the best site for .net(c#) and free ebook site for all languages?
  18. mohit sharma

    language used in xp ??

    do anyone know which high level languages were used mostly for the development of WINDOWS XP ??
  19. P

    Project on C or C++

    I am an engineering student of second year IT. I am willing to do some project based on the languages like C or C++ but I really cannot find any interesting or relevant topic on these languages. So, I would like to request that if anyone has any suggestion or any experience regarding the...
  20. T

    Server side & client side languages

    Can you give me list of examples of both Server Side & CLient Side Languages?
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